Step 8: Time to close it up...

Picture of Time to close it up...
We are now ready to stuff the Domo.

Turn everything inside out.

Stuff the tail with fiberfill.

Wrap some fiberfill around the arms. Place some padding on the back.

Like putting on a T-shirt, raise the arms pointed up and guide into the armholes.

Work the rest of the foam body form into its shell.

Wrap some fiberfill around the legs. Adjust fill or padding around any of the other parts of the Domo.

With hand sewing, it is easier to connect the crotch point first to gather the front and back fabric at a central point. Folding the raw edges together, stitch and sew to close up the rest of the inseam to the footpad.

You may also want to put a stitch in to tie the tail closer to its bottom if it sticks out too much.

Final details are to adjust the placement of the LEDs.

For the eyes, I marked around the LEDs with a magic marker and went around it with a ring of hot glue. This serves to reinforce the fabric when I make a hole for the LED to peep out.

Fluff up the dorsal tips on the tail and separate the two sets.

Oops, I didn't think about needing to change the batteries. A flap with velcro or zipper would allow access to the battery compartment. Oh well, these are LEDs so it should last long enough before they need to be changed.

Hola! Now go out and have a Keith-Ki-Domo day!