Picture of Kennel for $20
Kennel for a dog or cat made from a plastic storage bin
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Step 1: Box selection

Picture of Box selection
Select a box that's the right size for your pet.
- best boxes/storage bins have flat sides (easier to cut doors out)
- screw down the lid to the box with six nuts and bolts (this is so the kennel does not come apart)
-screw locations should be spread out to offer most strength (the corners and in the middle of the long sides are ideal spots)
- cut the entrance opening with a hack saw (start bending it downwards at the corners to make it cut downwards, this creates a nice rounded corner.
- drill ventilation holes around the top of the box (I used a 1" drill bit, spacing isn't critical as long as it's fairly even)

Step 2: Door latch

Picture of door latch
- the bottom part will naturally snap into existing lid lip
- drill 2 holes in the door and 2 at the top of the box to accommodate latch screws
- use either metal strapping or those handy flat metal pieces with pre-drilled holes
- secure 2 pieces of the strapping to the door with 2 nuts and bolts (some sort of lock washer helps to keep the screws from coming loose)
- at the top of the box screw 2 nuts and long bolts.
- when you close the door use another set of nuts to secure it in place (I use some wing nuts for ease and speed of opening)
saosport2 years ago
Great idea
CJSudduth2 years ago
This was posted on my facebook page ... what do you guys think of this??

Kitty House.jpg
hoverbored4 years ago
Ventilation & view - What if you used those cooling grids that you can put baked goods on after coming out of the oven to cool? They are cheap and often come 2 or more in a package. A fairly large one on each side, secured by a broad-headed screw on the inside, and a large washer & "end nut" on the outside (covered end nut to avoid snagging passers-by). Going TOTALLY cheap - you might use a series of PC fan grids, if you have access to a bunch of old PCs, like a lot of techies do.
cindi595 years ago
First..there is no way that not having a screen door is cruel! Get a grip! Even if using it for the dog's kennel there is no way could be considered cruel. She sad she even tested it and added more vent holes. I think this is a great idea! Especially when housebreaking!
This is great usage of creativity. Great idea. Im worried about the front panel being all closed like that, its truly like putting them in a Tupperware container. What about moding it out by cutting a square hole in the front door panel and replacing it with rubber coated chicken wire? Just a suggestion. :)
My idea exactly. i would never put an animal in something that didn't have a screen door. you can drill all the holes you want. The average temperature of a healthy dog is 101 °F or 38 °C. Your dog will overheat in a short time even in your house on a mild day. Even if he doesn't have heat stroke, he may have brain damage. This is cruel. Use HARDWARE cloth with 1/2" screening to construct a proper Door. It is cheap and easy to work with. You can also use a door knob drill bit to drill some portholes around the sides.
Modeo (author)  jgodsey6 years ago
You must live in a hot climate. Your comment makes a few assumptions. I do not use this kennel in the house, I use it while traveling. I have modified the kennel, it has a greater percentage of holes than actual material. Large percentage of the holes are 3" in diameter. The kennel works very well has good: strength, ventilation, the dogs love it. They never overheat, even on hot days. Your perception of cruelty is miss guided and frankly judgmental. Thanks for the suggestions however I will not modify something that cost $20 to make and works very well as it is.
jgodsey Modeo6 years ago
I stick by my original comment. without a cage door, i would call this inappropriate at the very least.
Modeo (author)  ArtisticBabe6 years ago
Good idea, I was going for the minimalist and $20 budget, and if I were to spend more on this project I would definitely incorporate the rubber coated chicken wire in the door. I have drilled quite a few more 3" holes all around, which gives the kennel a funky swiss cheese block look. I did take into consideration the dog head size and with 3" holes (for my breeds) will not get them stuck. Something to consider if you are making a kennel for smaller breeds.
nice suggestion I was worried too I'm going to try that when i do would have never thought of that .!thanks
I don't know how much doggy doors cost at the hard ware store, but you might look into putting a small wood frame around the door with a lockable doggy door in the end. Just a thought. Cool idea though!
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Great Idea, This is one to keep in mind. Some of those kennels can get up to the $200 range.
Very Keri7 years ago
It's a cute bed, but kennels that size are about 20-30 bucks at the store and they have doors and locks on them for portability (i.e. airplane rides) If i was going to make my own, I'd customize it with Krylon Fusion and some masking tape.
snauzinator8 years ago
My dad made one out of two green-bins... they are these bright green recycle-type bins that our municipality has, or you could use "bin shoppin'" containers from the grocery stores. They already have tons of ventilation in them and all you need to add are hinges and a latch to keep it closed... no cutting involved, and its a great size! Voila, a pet carrier for <$10
juandela8 years ago
yup, very cool. good for cats too. those things are damn expensive at the stores.
trebuchet038 years ago
I love it - talk about an awesome Tupperware hack :P
Dark_Helmet8 years ago
Great idea! I haven't been able to find anything for my cats for less than $40. I'll definitely keep his in mind for the next time I have to replace a carrier.