Picture of Kentucky Fried WTF on a stick
Everything tastes like chicken. Even chicken fried steak tastes like chicken.
If you are lucky, You as the consumer, might find this cook's treat in your bucket. So What's That Fried thing?

Read on to see how we make this delectable morsel. In Original recipe or Extra Crispy.

Disclaimer: The author does not advise, relish or condone the preparation and consumption of mystery meat, but as TV foodie Andrew Zimmern says, "If it looks good, eat it."

and yeah, might I tempt you with  some finger food and assorted tapas?

Gee, I hope the People Eating Tasty Animals don't start  Fn commenting.

Bonus Menu Item!  For a limited time only!
I have a three month PRO membership coupon from being featured. For the first person that can post in the comments section a picture of them having created a "KFC double down sandwich" made with this instructable, I will pass on to  him/her the 3 month PRO membership.  Half the fun is convincing mom or dad to help. I figure that might make you happy as you recover in the emergency room after eating it.

UPDATE: And now there is the little morsel: Jalapeno Chili Pepper Screamers, check it out!

KFC is a registered trademark of a mega-corporation.  Don't mess with the Colonel.
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njreyn17 days ago

Point of order: nekkid = naked + intent

This looks just diabolical enough to go on the menu for the Halloween festivities. Nicely done!

caitlinsdad (author)  njreyn17 days ago

It's the intent I would be more worried about.

luisa210 months ago

I love this.

dojers10 months ago

Archery season just opened today....maybe I'll be getting to try this sooner than later!! *rubbing hands and cackling maniacally*

dojers10 months ago

Archery season just opened today....maybe I'll be getting to try this sooner than later!! *rubbing hands and cackling maniacally*

dojers10 months ago





Gonna try those lovely little Jalapeno screamers too :D My family will DEFINITELY enjoy those!!! Hell - they'll enjoy ALL of 'em!! Thank you!! You made me smile and that's important today :)

Toga_Dan1 year ago

Awesome! Time for party guests!

caitlinsdad (author)  Toga_Dan1 year ago

Oooh, wait, I know how to get the party started. Give them something to talk about...

rodents of unusually large size? daleks without their metal armor stuff? homer simpson? that annoying teenager who tears up the road while playing obscene music in his car a two in the morning? the mind boggles at all of the possibilities. oh, i forgot ewoks and jawas.
It looks like you fried a deformed mouse
Deep frying veggies should be what they do to ALL veggies
Meat is a very important sores of a HEALTHY DIET
People Eat Tasty Animals
haha that is so cool :)
ljohnson212 years ago
I don't eat meat so I find this totally disgusting! I LOVE IT! Going to have to addapt this to a veggie recipe!!
that looks AWESOME, Where did the idea come from.
mg99902 years ago
You sir, have a very Dark sense of humor.. And i like it :) great job
This is hysterical!
WriterChick2 years ago
Markedly amusing. Too much cooking pour moi, but a hoot.

It's not just Arkansas, you know ...
ltyson2 years ago
Extremely unrelated question but, that knife in the picture, is that a MAC knife?
caitlinsdad (author)  ltyson2 years ago
Nah, just an inexpensive santoku chef knife with a granton edge although I've got my Henckels for the fun days in the kitchen. The dimples don't really help when slicing through mozzarella cheese. I've used the Kyocera ceramic ones I won in a contest, they don't do well with slicing slippery meats.
I love this. I need to make an occasion to serve this to all of my friends.
AshleighLm3 years ago
That is grossly awesome!
IronWill3 years ago
this is brilliant!!
love it
edina20153 years ago
At first I thought you honestly fried a rat, nice.
caitlinsdad (author)  edina20153 years ago
ummm, that would be kinda nasty.
MicioGatta3 years ago
LOL! Shrek's style! Congratulations, that's very original.
h88643 years ago
Ostrich is delicious.
thepelton3 years ago
That would work equally well for Halloween or April Fool's day.
susanrm3 years ago
I think I need to make a vegan version of this. Great starting point. ROFL!
FrozenIce3 years ago
Dr.Bill3 years ago
I'm laughin' my freakin ass off here ! I can't stop ! Ya ever tried the water rats they get in South Jersey ? Those things could be roasts ! This is wayyy too much for me. The Jim Beam didn't help either.....
I give ya a 5+ on this.
Dr.Bill3 years ago
O M F G ! Kentuckey Fried WTF On A Stick ! This is wayyy too much for my devious mind. You mind if I copy one of the pics and send it to my Viet Nam Vet friends ? It brings back sooo many memories of those street vendors selling Meat On A Stick. Arrr ! Rat Katsu ! mMMmm !
Congrats! You just made me spit my drink all over my keyboard. I was reading and I was thinking "that looks good..." then I spied the tail and "wtf" at almost the same time. You sir (or ma'am) are awesome!
80$man3 years ago
Yummy! This is awesome! Must make tiny deep fried meaty monstrosities!
Mutantflame3 years ago
I am so gonna try this tomorrow...
I made it! The tails kept snapping off though...
I used beef

caitlinsdad (author)  Mutantflame3 years ago
Ha! They look like wittle fluffy gerbils. Beef does take longer to cook because of more juices(blood) the tail gets burnt to a crisp by the time you are done. They are heavier and the tails do break off easy if you do not use a thick noodle tail, maybe pre-cook the pasta to before al dente stage. Thanks for sharing.
nbollard4 years ago
awesome.... defo gonna try this!!!
I sooo want to make these for April Fool's days/Halloween!
MrSushi4 years ago
Thumbs up! awesome contribution, will try it! :-)
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