Kentucky Fried WTF on a stick

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Step 6: Yum, yum...

When cooked through, remove from the hot oil and drain excess oil on paper towels or a clean brown paper bag.

Skewer through each piece horizontally or vertically.

There you have it, Kentucky Fried WTF on a stick.

It looks so Fn good to eat.

Hmmm, recommended serving size is - whatever you can hold down?

I haven't figured out what wine to pair this with nor a nice side dish to go with this but probably beer and a good slaw would suffice.

Now that's some durn good eats!
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that looks AWESOME, Where did the idea come from.
mint0012 years ago
That is grossly awesome!
FrozenIce3 years ago
nbollard3 years ago
awesome.... defo gonna try this!!!
The title made me literally laugh out loud... awesome 'ible...
mahdifargai4 years ago
This is amazing! My dad and I are going to make them for our Halloween party this weekend. We decided not to use the pretzel "bones", and are thinking of using Udon noodles to make the tail fatter. Either way, it's going to be Legendary.
caitlinsdad (author)  mahdifargai4 years ago
I guess you can use carrot sticks or something stiff for the bones. Make sure the udon is precooked, it will curl up nice. Please post pictures of people choking it down when you are done. Enter them in the Halloween video or slideshow contest!
Our fried "rats" turned out amazingly well. We used chicken as out protein, and the Udon noodles worked well for the tails. We decided to do without the "bones" which made them look more like road-kill versus a rat the fell in the oil. Here are the pictures you requested. The first is my Dad who helped me make our critters. The second is my bff biting the head off one. And the third is the day after where we put the leftovers in french rolls and had "rat burgers" for dinner. We had so much fun with these and our guests absolutely loved them. Thanks for the great Instructable!

caitlinsdad (author)  mahdifargai4 years ago
You had leftovers? They look like "Hello Rat-Kitty", plump and juicy. Yummy.
We made about 35 of them, and only 6 made it to be rat burgers. They were VERY yummy.
caitlinsdad (author)  mahdifargai4 years ago
And people are still talking about it.

Please look in your inbox found on your YOU profile for a private message (PM).
moGuyver4 years ago
Awesomely twisted. WTF indeed.
bettiejean4 years ago
This is pure genius - I bow down to you in awe!
I am soooo making this for our neighborhood Halloween party!!!! This will rock their socks off! I'm going to try it with chicken boobs though and in my deep fryer. Just fargin hysterical! Love it.
caitlinsdad (author)  mommykicksbutt4 years ago
and mommies kick butt too.
agraywolfe4 years ago
Ok so April 1st will be perfect I always come up with something diffrent. I cant wait.
Kintri4 years ago
don't let mickey see this, LOL!
ragnarbr4 years ago
Well... now I know how to make Iguana-on-a-stick.
Nice.. I was hoping someone would reference that
And I'll be damned, I'm gonna do it in my cooking show, "Nuclear Cooking with Tota". I'l be sure to repost it here for you guys, with english subtitles.
Tommysk4 years ago
A nice dish to go with : french ratatouille...
ube3064 years ago
WoW - this is absolutely fabulous....roflol.. This is so great work. They look so realistic..and I love the title...well done....
Sheer genius! I can't wait for Halloween---or April Fool's Day. Perfect.
wolfkeeper4 years ago
Farrelbark4 years ago
Fear factor indeed...
amplex4 years ago
Great laugh, thanks, my family would totally get a kick out of this!@# Gonna surprise somebody with some Fresh Fried Road Scavenge =]
This is a freakin' work of art, my friend.
ferralll4 years ago
I have to do this! It is a great idea. And it will be made all the funnier because there is a rat problem in the ally by hind my house!
Rubedo_Hawk4 years ago
I can't wait for Halloween! This is going to be this years main course.
silvyb4 years ago
You're weird...I like you!
Roger130774 years ago
Why ruin it with wine, grab a beer or maybe some corn liquor.
seriozshka4 years ago
this is hilarious! i call it stroke of genius!