Step 6: Yum, Yum...

When cooked through, remove from the hot oil and drain excess oil on paper towels or a clean brown paper bag.

Skewer through each piece horizontally or vertically.

There you have it, Kentucky Fried WTF on a stick.

It looks so Fn good to eat.

Hmmm, recommended serving size is - whatever you can hold down?

I haven't figured out what wine to pair this with nor a nice side dish to go with this but probably beer and a good slaw would suffice.

Now that's some durn good eats!
<p>Point of order: nekkid = naked + intent</p><p>This looks just diabolical enough to go on the menu for the Halloween festivities. Nicely done!</p>
<p>It's the intent I would be more worried about.</p>
<p>I love this. </p>
<p>Archery season just opened today....maybe I'll be getting to try this sooner than later!! *rubbing hands and cackling maniacally*</p>
<p>Archery season just opened today....maybe I'll be getting to try this sooner than later!! *rubbing hands and cackling maniacally*</p>
<p>I</p><p>FREAKING</p><p>LOVE</p><p>IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>Gonna try those lovely little Jalapeno screamers too :D My family will DEFINITELY enjoy those!!! Hell - they'll enjoy ALL of 'em!! Thank you!! You made me smile and that's important today :)</p>
<p>Awesome! Time for party guests!</p>
<p>Oooh, wait, I know how to get the party started. Give them something to talk about...</p>
rodents of unusually large size? daleks without their metal armor stuff? homer simpson? that annoying teenager who tears up the road while playing obscene music in his car a two in the morning? the mind boggles at all of the possibilities. oh, i forgot ewoks and jawas.
It looks like you fried a deformed mouse
Deep frying veggies should be what they do to ALL veggies <br/>Meat is a very important sores of a HEALTHY DIET<br/>People Eat Tasty Animals
haha that is so cool :)
I don't eat meat so I find this totally disgusting! I LOVE IT! Going to have to addapt this to a veggie recipe!!
that looks AWESOME, Where did the idea come from.
You sir, have a very Dark sense of humor.. And i like it :) great job
This is hysterical!
Markedly amusing. Too much cooking pour moi, but a hoot. <br> <br>It's not just Arkansas, you know ...
Extremely unrelated question but, that knife in the picture, is that a MAC knife?
Nah, just an inexpensive santoku chef knife with a granton edge although I've got my Henckels for the fun days in the kitchen. The dimples don't really help when slicing through mozzarella cheese. I've used the Kyocera ceramic ones I won in a contest, they don't do well with slicing slippery meats.
I love this. I need to make an occasion to serve this to all of my friends.
That is grossly awesome!
this is brilliant!! <br />love it
At first I thought you honestly fried a rat, nice.
ummm, that would be kinda nasty.
LOL! Shrek's style! Congratulations, that's very original.
Ostrich is delicious.
That would work equally well for Halloween or April Fool's day.
I think I need to make a vegan version of this. Great starting point. ROFL!
I'm laughin' my freakin ass off here ! I can't stop ! Ya ever tried the water rats they get in South Jersey ? Those things could be roasts ! This is wayyy too much for me. The Jim Beam didn't help either.....<br>I give ya a 5+ on this.
O M F G ! Kentuckey Fried WTF On A Stick ! This is wayyy too much for my devious mind. You mind if I copy one of the pics and send it to my Viet Nam Vet friends ? It brings back sooo many memories of those street vendors selling Meat On A Stick. Arrr ! Rat Katsu ! mMMmm !
Congrats! You just made me spit my drink all over my keyboard. I was reading and I was thinking &quot;that looks good...&quot; then I spied the tail and &quot;wtf&quot; at almost the same time. You sir (or ma'am) are awesome!
Yummy! This is awesome! Must make tiny deep fried meaty monstrosities!
I am so gonna try this tomorrow...
I made it! The tails kept snapping off though... <br>I used beef<br><br>
Ha! They look like wittle fluffy gerbils. Beef does take longer to cook because of more juices(blood) the tail gets burnt to a crisp by the time you are done. They are heavier and the tails do break off easy if you do not use a thick noodle tail, maybe pre-cook the pasta to before al dente stage. Thanks for sharing.
awesome.... defo gonna try this!!!<br>
I sooo want to make these for April Fool's days/Halloween!
Thumbs up! awesome contribution, will try it! :-)
The title made me literally laugh out loud... awesome 'ible...
i know what i'm taking to lunch the fist day of school.
You doing that just to impress the ladies or you just wanna be popular?
i like to play jokes on the other students that, hmm how do i put this . . . &quot;let their eyes do the thinking&quot; ya. once i got a few of them to think i bought a small sack with a &quot;soul&quot; bound in to its stitching, off of eBay. lol it was just 2 pieces of cloth and a paperclip. so ya, i just like to play with their views of the world :).
one of the girls in my school took an entire hare for lunch 3-4 years ago. I like hare and rabbit a lot, but I still think it's pretty strange to take for lunch (especially a whole one).
wow, the strangest thing i've ever seen someone eat at lunch is something that was on the ground. and by ground, i mean the floor of the gymnasium which was probably never washed on a regular basis.
Lool, tastiest roadkill ever:))))
HAHA, that is EPIC. I hadn't realized at first you were making something just LOOK like WTF ;)<br><br>Well played, my friend. And yes, I will be making these at some point! :)
It would be fun to hold too.
Haha, touch&eacute; :)
OMG this is so awesome. I never would have thought to do something like this, but now I'm totally making these for a party. Thanks!

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