Step 9: Seat Supports and Seats

Picture of Seat Supports and Seats
I'm using some wrought iron chairs as sawhorses for my boatwork. Powell's dad Charles made them. They're very nice.

Next I shaved the gunwales smooth.

Then I glued and nailed the seat support strips 5" below the gunwales. These are lengthwise 3/4" cedar sticks. You could also call them inwale stringers if you wanted to confuse people.

The seats are 6.25" wide chunks of 1" board. They are thicker than necessary but that's what I had and I was too tired to plane them down. They're screwed to the stringers with brass screws and not glued.

Please note the butt block below the seat. It covers the joint where the 8 ft. chunk of plywood ends.

You can see a hard bend in the gunwale on the left side (your left) of this picture. I broke it while bending, so the bend isn't graceful. Anguish! (anguish exhausted. moving on...)

At this point the shape of the canoe is finished.
It's 18" wide and deep, 12 feet long.
All the panels are nicely bulged so the canoe feels really solid.
You can' t "oilcan" it anywhere.