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In my humble opinion the Kerfing Saw is one of the least valued tools, but when you have it, it's a wonder how many things it allows you to do.

Taking into account my budget for my hobbies, I decided to take an economic saw that I had in the workshop and make some tweaks to convert it.

Step 1: The Body

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Preparing the handle to attach to the shoulder board with a large dado. And make it the more ergonomic possible.

Step 2: The Finishes

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Some carvings just for fun

Step 3: The Assembly

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Some adjust to a better fit, a little bit of Homemade beeswax and olive oil and final assembly.

Step 4: Testing

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Some cut to test, the result is amazing!!!

Step 5: The Result

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I hope you like the result.

You can see more on The Wood Eater YouTube Channel


Step 6: The Video


hippiejuiceman (author)2017-11-19

Way cool, what was the total production time? 48 hrs? Thanks

Sincerely I don't know, because I make woodworking when I can not when I want jajaaj some days just a few minutes and some days a few hours. But for o kerfing saw without handle you just need a board a saw and four screws you can do it in one or two hours and the finishes when you have time
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