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Introduction: Kerman Stars Ostrich Pysanky Batik Easter Egg

About: So Jeo is a self-taught professional egg artist who resides in Nova Scotia, Canada. She uses the traditional Ukrainian Pysanky process on real eggshells using hot beeswax and dyes to create her elaborate ba...

This wonderfully, elaborate batik egg was made using the traditional Pysanky wax and dye process on a real blown ostrich egg, which is sealed with a coat of protective, crystal clear finish. It measures approximately 5 1/2 inches tall.

The project begins by hand sanding the egg until it is silky smooth, removing all the bumps and grooves and also reveals a deeper, chaulkier layer of the egg that will allow the dyes to take more evenly and with greater intensity.  The egg is divided into sections and the design penciled in.  The egg is dipped into the different colored dyes and the color is sealed with hot beeswax applied with tools called kistky.  Etching of the design to create a 3 dimensional feel is achieved using acetic acid (vinegar) that eats away at the shell, creating borders and depth.  The final step is to remove the wax to reveal the design and varnish the egg to protect it and give is a wonderful shine.

"Kerman Stars" is the latest installment in the "Persian Rug" series of eggs. The design features four magnificent octagonal medallions surrounded by sweeping vines and flowers.  The details are quite remarkable on this egg and a close up view is the only real way to appreciate the finer elements.   To see more of my work, please visit my website

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    Beautiful! When you're doing the dye, I'm guessing you dab colors into different areas rather than just dunking the whole egg.

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    The egg is actually dunked in the dye to allow for proper saturation of the shell. The only time colors are dabbed on with a brush is if the area to be dyed is very small. Thanks for your question!

    My God - as an artist I am truly humbled by your patience and talent. This is absolutely beautiful. Did you take a class for this? Or is this just years of practice and passion?

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    Thank you! No classes, I am self taught. I don't know anyone else nearby that does eggs. I work on them almost everyday in my studio, if you'd like, please check out my website http://

    Hi :) I absolutely will check out your studio! Thanks for the link :) I am sculpt an am in the process of teaching myself how to make BJDs. But I'm so fascinated by egg art -especially Pysanky- I've been very tempted to begin practicing it myself.

    It must take a very steady hand though. I think I'll practice on chicken eggs first lol!

    WOW!!! i WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DO THAT! That is ART!!!Very beautiful!

    soooo beautiful


    That deserves to be in an art gallery or museum. Its truly awesome work!

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    It is in the private home of one of my clients :) Thank you!

    Thank you!

    We always removed the wax over the gas range with a dish towel.
    Paper towels can scratch the finish, and cloth washes out in hot water.
    Candles sometimes leave soot on the egg, especially if the wax is thick.

    Amazing! Question howdo u remove wax from egg i know how it works with fabric or flat paper...but this rounded shape is different to handle???

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    Thanks! I usually use a candle to remove the wax from the egg but sometimes I use a little craft heat gun to speed up the process on larger eggs with thicker shells. When using a candle you hold the egg to the side of the flame to prevent your shell from burning and getting soot on the design. The melted wax is wiped off using tissue or paper towel.

    how much does something so intricate will cost?

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    Hi olywer,
    This egg sold for $1600 on eBay a couple weeks ago. Thanks for your question.

    Gorgeous! Your neck must be killing you from the intense work. ;)

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    Thank ecstewart! Actually, it's my lower back that bothers me, but I've been able to get around that by sitting on a cheap exercise ball instead of my desk chair. I'm down much lower so that I'm not hunched over and my back stays straight. Hands are another thing, I get stiff and swollen in my writing hand, but I guess that's to be expected with this kind of work :)

    I never thought of that! I have lower back pain from an accident and sitting for long periods of time can be excruciating. I am going to try the exercise ball! Thank you for sharing this tip! Also you do beautiful work, I personally don't have the patience for this kind of detailed egg-design and I doubly admire anyone that does! Kudos to your talent!