It's birthday time and you want to make a cake that is unique and customized for your friend. You want him or her to say "wow that's the coolest cake I've ever received." You don't need fondant - only some normal household cake and candy products and a little bit of creativity.
Here is an example of a cake baked for a friend that is obsessed with ketchup!

What you need:
(1) cake mix
(2) computer (for research!)
(3) icing (chocolate and vanilla)
(4) food coloring
(5) ziplock freezer bags
(6) scissors
(7) jelly beans
(8) a little creativity!

Step 1: The Idea!

What is the first thing that you think of when your friend comes to mind? Is it a hobby? An obsession? Something quirky? Chances are it can be put on a cake. The simpler an idea it is, the better executed it can be.
For this cake, the idea was inspired by my friend's obsession with ketchup.
LOL!<br/><br/>I find this idea very, <em>very</em> funny.<br/>
My sister in law is in love with ketchup and I did a similar cake a few years ago when she turned 27. I made the inside red velvet to simulate ketchup on the inside of the cake as well as the outside. This one was my first attempt at doing a novelty cake... so much fun!
i like it. The idea is very simple but definitely impress my friends. Simple is good.
really nice, I will surprise my bro with a cake like this...
this is a great cake! i filled it with some extra white chocolate icing i had colored with dark red to look like real ketchup! When i served it, the filling dripped out from being melted by the oven, it looked like real ketchup! (this got a few odd glances. haha!) this could also be used as a dripping blood effect for halloween! Thanks for the great idea!
This is so cool! Great cake!
thanks all! :)
Imagine a <em>real</em> ketchup cake.... :-O<br/><br/>But anyways, this is cool! Nice job, looks pretty good in a way. :P<br/><br/>+1 vote.<br/>+1 rating.<br/>
Cool! A little odd, but that just makes it more awesome

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