Keurig Cup-o-Noodles


Introduction: Keurig Cup-o-Noodles

This is something i came up with over a year ago.  Sometimes I made cups of noodles and i know you aren't suppose to microwave them...  all you need is hot water to make it.  All you need is a keurig, water, and a cup of noodles.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools


Cup of noodles



Step 2: Open It Up

Open the lid and leave just a little bit still attached.

Step 3: Fill It Up

Make sure you have water in the Keurig and its warmed up.

Step 4: Keep the Lid Open

Put the Cup-o-noodle in and make sure the lid is open.

Step 5: Hot Water

In the Keurig I have at work the button on the right works best.  Its 10 oz. according to their website. 

Step 6: All Filled Up

If yours starts to fill close to the fill line, you can always turn it off.

Step 7: All Done Enjoy

Just let it sit for a few minutes and enjoy.



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    this is perfect. For anyone with a nonkeurig brand version, 10oz is correct.

    Thank goodness you listed step two or I would have just let the hot water shoot all over the lid.

    How do you "Turn off" the Keurig if it begins to fill too much? I didn't think you could?

    1 reply

    on mine there is a power button on the top.

    We do this in our office all the time. Works great. Funny how they bought the thing to make coffee, and it's used most of the time for noodles while everyone uses the good ol' french press for their caffeine fix.