Introduction: Key Chain From Scrap Metal With Electroplating

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In this Instructables ,I will show you how I made a Scrap metal key chain. I made key ring using Sparkler ,I used the metal portion which is used to hold the sparkler.The main body i made using aluminium sheet which was cut from an old door .To print letters on aluminium i have done copper electroplating .

It is festival season and this homemade key chain can be given as gift for your dear.

Step 1: Materials + Tools

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  • Aluminium sheet
  • sparkler
  • copper wire from electric wire
  • copper sulphate
  • 9 V Battery(Any power supply)
  • Insulation tape
  • permanent marker
  • sand paper
  • chisel
  • hammer
  • file
  • blade

Step 2: Making Key Ring

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As i told in the beginning I made key ring from sparklers.It is festival time ,and for Christmas and new year we had bought plenty of crackers and sparklers.I used the metallic portion of sparklers.By using a sand paper i removed the metal coating on it .On a metallic cylinder (I used flashlight) wrap the metalic portion to make key ring.Follow the photos to understand the procedure...:)

Step 3: Metal Working!

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By using a chisel i cut an aluminium sheet of 3.5 X 2 cm rectangular piece.By using a file i shaped the metallic piece.By using diamond point chisel i made a hole on metallic piece.

Step 4: Making Prints!

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By using a permanent marker write on a insulation tape what you would like to show on key chain .By using blade cut the letter and stick it to the aluminium piece.

Please follow Photos for Better understanding....:)

Step 5: Electroplating

Picture of Electroplating

Before You Need to know about what is electroplating ? So i am giving a link below to know more about it

What is Electroplating

As i need to electroplate with copper on aluminium i used copper sulphate as electrolyte.As positive electrode i used copper wires and as negative electrode i used aluminium piece.

Step 6: Key Chain Is Ready!!!

Picture of Key Chain Is Ready!!!


If you have any doubt in explanation please follow the photos or feel free to ask in comments

Thanks for taking a look :)

Happy Making:)


3366carlos (author)2018-01-13

nice looking key chain.

AmalMathew (author)3366carlos2018-01-14

Aw Thank you! :)

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