Key Holder - Guitar Amp Like





Introduction: Key Holder - Guitar Amp Like

According to this Instructable i made a key holder that looks more like a guitar amp.

I decided to use a 3D Printer to make more details like a speaker grid, handles and footings.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

  • 4 female 1/4" audio jacks
  • 4 male 1/4" audio jacks
  • plastic or alu plate for the jacks (1-3mm thick)
  • glue to fix the plate
  • soldering station
  • solder
  • ca.300mm isolated copper strands to make the loops at the jackets
  • 2 Screws+dowels and Screwdriver (for mounting to wall)

  • metal shears for the plate
  • drilling machine with 10mm driller
  • and of course a 3D Printer with a filament of your choice !

Step 2: 3D Printing

The case is printed with normal settings.

The speaker grid is printed with some extra settings for the slicer:

  1. use honeycomb for infill
  2. density 20%-30%
  3. solid layers/horizontal shells: top: 0, bottom:3

Step 3: Assembly the Case

For drilling the holes in the plate, see dimensioning in picture .

For better holding use glue to fix the plate and the grid.

You have to put the screws for wall mounting into the case before fixing the plate (see also step 5)

Step 4: The Key Chains

See picture for assembly the key chain jackets

Step 5: The Wall Mounting

The spacing of the holes for wall mounting is 120mm.

And there's a clever touch: The outer holes from the jackets and the wall mount holes are in one line

so you just have to put the screwdriver in the jacket for tightening !

That's it, feel free to ask questions and vote if you like it !


Of course i could use a laser cutter/engraver to label the metal plate :-)



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you'll get those jacks in every electronic component store or at ebay for 25 cent

Of thanks i juste looked for it on eBay and didn't find any can u gimme some link?

Awesome idea. You could even have those jacks make contact with an arduino and have it communicate with another arduino via rf so you would know (from another room in your house) if your keys were "docked" or not. Awesomeness

1 reply

Just relaized jmuncher below me said the exact same thing lol.

This is gonna make a sweet christmas gift for a buddy of mine!

That looks awesome! Great idea too!

Fantastic! If there is enough room for a micro controller and a relay you could plug in keys to activate lights, send a message, etc

A very good look! Great for storing the keys to your guitar case.

great idea to use the opening of the jacks to hide your mounting screws

Aww cute!