Picture of Key & Letter Holder made from a Reclaimed Toboggan
The wooden toboggan has numerous aesthetic elements. Its raw material and its forming process give a special value to this object. It represents happy memories of winter time, especially here in Canada. I tried to use its existing elements to create a unique piece for the small entrance hall at my home.

The final result is more than just a key and letter holder. It's also a chalkboard and most of all, an object of discussion !

This is the perfect simple project for winter time. Put your favourite Christmas music on and start this project !

Original idea - Anne Claude

Step 1: Stuff you'll need

Picture of Stuff you'll need
  1. A broken or unused wooden toboggan, I found mine at the local thrift store for less than 10$.
  2. A long cord: red colour makes a great visual contrast with wood.
  3. Few hooks
  4. Screws
  • A power drill with drill bits
  • A beam detector
  • A screwdriver
  • Scissors
  1. Chalkboard or chalk paint + MDF board
Miss Misery2 years ago
The best catch-all I've ever seen. Hey, if you install cork-board in one section (maybe under the chalkboard?) imagine the possibilities!!!
timwikander2 years ago
Really nice work Julien. Good design and presentation.
What an awesome idea - it's gorgeous. :D
Julien Thibeault (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thank you!
porklips2 years ago
I am totally going to look for a toboggan! Nice!