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Introduction: Key Organizer

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Do not know what to do so your keys do not destroy your bags? Are they misplaced?
With this easy-to-do key organizer you will avoid these problems !!

Step 1: Materials

1- 2 nut bolts (The length will depend on the number of wrenches to be placed).

2- 2 plates of the game Mecano (In this way to be, if not, two straight plates with 4 holes worth).

3- 1 small angle Mecano game (a two-hole plate may be folded in half).

4- 3 washers for four wrenches (each additional wrench added, one more washer will be added).

5- 5 nuts for four wrenches (each additional wrench added, one more nut will be added).

Step 2: Insert Screws

1- Insert the screws through the end holes of a Mecano plate.

◾ In which the keys are inserted, we insert the small angle facing outwards. (This will make a ring for the key rings). Then the keys and a washer.

◾In the other screw a nut and with a pair of pliers we tighten, then a washer, a nut, a washer and a nut.
(Each additional key being added, one more washer and nut will be added).

2- To finish we fit the other plate of Mecano above and we put a nut in each screw.



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