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My friend Steve requested a key-shaped key hanger for Christmas, (and I finished it just in the nick of time).  It's a fairly easy project if you have a drill-press and scroll/band saw.  Total cost of the project was $1.73 for the key hanger hooks from the local hardware store.  

I always have a wide selection of plywood stock handy for last-minute projects, but hardwoods like pine or birch would have been fine for this project as well, I just like how the grains come out on the top layer of the ply once it's finished.


3/4" thick plywood
4 Brass Cup Hooks ($1.73 at my local hardware store)
Minwax Wood Finish


Drill Press
Scroll Saw
Assorted Files
Sandpaper (assorted grits between 80-320)
Drill Bits
Slot-cutting bit (optional)
Center Punch tool + Hammer (optional)
Safety Glasses (mandatory)
Disposable Gloves
Cloth Rag

Step 1: Find A Template

Picture of Find A Template
This step is pretty straightforward (for you anyway) - I have attached the template, so you can just print it out and tape the two parts together.  (This template was created from two different key patterns I found online, so it is technically a completely unique design).

I taped the cut-out template to my plywood piece, and marked the centers of all the hole positions with a hammer and center punch (a pen works just as well too).

I've detailed the sized of the holes to be drilled in the attached image.
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Can I get some details on how you converted the jigsaw to a scroll saw?
guyzo35 (author)  Adambowker981 year ago

Wow, was this really a year ago? Better late than never, I guess?


guyzo35 (author)  Adambowker982 years ago
I was actually considering making that my next 'ible, I'll link you to it when it is finished
Awesome, thanks!
Awesome, thanks!
Awesome! I love key shaped things!