Picture of Key decoration with polymer clay
I love polymer clay and I wanted to make something I could see every day while I use it. I don't like wearing pendants or earings and so I first thought of making a keyring. The idea of making a keyring turned into key decorating when I relized that it didn't matter how beautiful the keyring was, the ugly keys ruined the image.

Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools

- Polymer clay
- Keys
- Black permanent marker


- Scalpel
- Pin
ldworkshop1 year ago
Nice job ! Very good idea !!
micjwelch1 year ago
How well does it hold up? I see you got it onto a regular keyring at least.
misko13 (author)  micjwelch1 year ago
They hold up very well. My 1.5 year old nephew loves to play with them and even though they fall to the groung all the time nothing hapenned to them.

When I made the design on paper I carefully measured the space I could open the keyring to make sure I could use it. A friend who tried to decorte her keys made them so thick that she had to get a bigger ring. It depends on your design I guess :)