Step 4: Additional Decoration

I found it nice to put something on the bottom of the bottle so I found some little decoration stones and put in just a bit.
You can put in anything you like. Flowers for example, but those don't last long.
that is cool OMG
Love this!
готиван поклончић, дефинитивно ћу испробати! ево мало ћирилице да се не заборави :) велики поздрав!
I did something similar well i was looking through the better homes magazine and i saw a MOTHERS DAY CAPSULE so i made one for my mom but it wasnt on her birthday nor on mothers day it was actually on her anniversary so what i did was put in a journal with memories about her and my dad and i flask drive with pictures also some pictures and 100 dollars it turned out really nice
I made something similar to this with a message in a bottle with sand and seashells but the key is absolutely adorable :)
gag, barf, retch,puke... Just kidding, Im sure your gal loved it. It really is a cute idea Thank you for sharing
Fixed it. My dictionary translates it as "hart" as an option...
Rock on.
How sweet!
Thank you
Very cute!
Thank you.

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