Picture of KeyScrew Chain
A simple solution for carrying screwdrivers with you on-the-go for whatever needs may arise. 

Easy and quick to make, you'll never leave the house without a screwdriver ever again.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
1 keychain of your choice (ideally your main set of keys)
1 phillips screwdriver bit
1 slotted screwdriver bit
1 handful of shapelock (available at www.shapelock.com) [the "free trial" quantity will suffice]
1 mini-ball chain (optional)

Tools & Additional Materials
1 hole-pocking device (I used Kebab sticks)
1 microwave-safe container

If you live in Australia try searching Plastimake,.. it is an Australian equivalent to shapelock .

There are many alternatives.
adrianvelazquez (author)  bfedorowytsch3 years ago
Looks pretty cool, but I don't live in Australia. I haven't worked with other similar materials so I'll have to try them out.
mg0930mg3 years ago
Very cool. One of those simple things that I wish I thought of! Great instructable!
adrianvelazquez (author)  mg0930mg3 years ago
Thank you! Hope it comes in handy.
This looks like a great way to keep screwdrivers handy. Shapelock also looks very useful, thanks for introducing me to it. A nice first Instructable and I hope to see more.