Keyblade From Kingdom Hearts Handmade $10


Introduction: Keyblade From Kingdom Hearts Handmade $10

About: Hi I am a 15 year prop maker. I love video game and movie memorabilia. I design and create props, I also make homemade posters.

I just finished my Keyblade build a couple weeks ago. It came out pretty good for $10 worth of materials. I built the handles and the key part out of foam boards. I layered 3 boards together for each part and sanded it down smooth. I then paper mached it until it was solid and you couldn't see the styrofoam part. ( Styrofoam melts under spray paint ). After paper mached it I put a nice even coat of drywall spackle on it. ( Didn't have bondo). After I sanded the spackle I primed it with white twice and then painted the handles gold and the key silver. The rest was just left over PVC I had from my Amp . I didn't have a silver chain so I didn't put it on yet. I am missing the blue part of the keyblade. I had no way of adding a blue part so i left it out. I measured mines and it is exactly 27 inches. The keyblade from the game is also 27 inches. 



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    this is nice, but my only peeve about this is that it's way too short. I did some research and the majority of all keyblades are 38-45 inches. I have a life size oblivion replica that's hand made and its 45 inches (Keyblades are ~11" wide at the hilt) other than that, goodjob.

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    I do believe that the x-blade and ultima are the largest while wayward wind (Ventus) is the smallest at 37"

    Nice! Looks good so far. Keep up the work. I was going for a prop that resembled the on from the game so I used exact details.

    thanks, again very nice keyblade its an exact replica

    i only have one guard cuz its easier to beat up some heartless with only one guard

    Just finished the instructable for the keyblade. Here it is:

    If you want to see my other instructables then click on my profile.

    Looks good.
    This would make a god step-by-step Instructable, do you have pictures of the build?

    (You should put your finished version of the project as the first picture to really showcase your work)

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    Thanks. I have pictures of the build process but its kind of lengthy. I might turn this into a instructable in the future.

    Dude, doesn't matter, there are some monstrous Ible's out there. Love to see it!

    I will try making an instructable for the keyblade and my Amp.