I just finished my Keyblade build a couple weeks ago. It came out pretty good for $10 worth of materials. I built the handles and the key part out of foam boards. I layered 3 boards together for each part and sanded it down smooth. I then paper mached it until it was solid and you couldn't see the styrofoam part. ( Styrofoam melts under spray paint ). After paper mached it I put a nice even coat of drywall spackle on it. ( Didn't have bondo). After I sanded the spackle I primed it with white twice and then painted the handles gold and the key silver. The rest was just left over PVC I had from my Amp . I didn't have a silver chain so I didn't put it on yet. I am missing the blue part of the keyblade. I had no way of adding a blue part so i left it out. I measured mines and it is exactly 27 inches. The keyblade from the game is also 27 inches. 
this is nice, but my only peeve about this is that it's way too short. I did some research and the majority of all keyblades are 38-45 inches. I have a life size oblivion replica that's hand made and its 45 inches (Keyblades are ~11" wide at the hilt) other than that, goodjob.
I do believe that the x-blade and ultima are the largest while wayward wind (Ventus) is the smallest at 37"
mines made out of wood
Nice! Looks good so far. Keep up the work. I was going for a prop that resembled the on from the game so I used exact details.
thanks, again very nice keyblade its an exact replica
i only have one guard cuz its easier to beat up some heartless with only one guard
Just finished the instructable for the keyblade. Here it is: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Keyblade-from-Kingdom-Hearts-Cheap/ <br> <br>If you want to see my other instructables then click on my profile.
Looks good. <br />This would make a god step-by-step Instructable, do you have pictures of the build? <br /> <br />(You should put your finished version of the project as the first picture to really showcase your work)
Thanks. I have pictures of the build process but its kind of lengthy. I might turn this into a instructable in the future.
Dude, doesn't matter, there are some monstrous Ible's out there. Love to see it!
I will try making an instructable for the keyblade and my Amp.

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