Keyboard Book Cover





Introduction: Keyboard Book Cover

Got an book laying around and a desire to be creatively nerdy?? Well this is for you.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

For this project I needed:
-Screwdriver (to pop the keys out of the keyboard)
-An old keyboard or two, depending
-Hot glue gun
-Measure of some sort (optional) (I used this to get an idea of how many keys fit vertically and horizontally)
-A book

Step 2: Now....

You can now begin to start glueing the letters to the cover of the book. Make sure that you set aside the letters that you are going to use for the title so you don't accidently use them in the process of glueing. Depending on the title you will probably need more letters from other keyboards.

Step 3: Finally!!!!

Finally the glueing is complete and you are left with a perfectly nerdy book cover. :) To make things look nicer you can do the front and back. Also using black keys kinda looks better, but this was all i had on hand.



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    Is there some sort of remove able case or are the keys just glued to the book?

    i have to try this. hey, you could also do a ipad hard case, or something like that. but this idea has limitless possibilities!!

    Hey i totally would but i aint got one sorry :(

    neither do i. it's just the first thing that came to mind!