Picture of Keyboard Cat Marquetry
Keyboard Cat half done.JPG
Keyboard Cat almost done.JPG
more Keyboard Cat back.JPG
Keyboard Cat Marquetry.JPG
Keyboard Cat and Me.JPG
Keyboard Cat Marquetry i did a couple of years back.  

Marquetry is applying veneer to form a decorative picture or design.  This one was done in Curly Maple, Sapele, dyed pearwood, bubinga and mahogany.  Over 25 individual pieces of veneer cut by hand, glued down on a piece of masonite,  finished in Nitrocellulose lacquer and framed in a solid cherry frame.

jbeaton (author) 3 years ago
Thanks, It was a lot of fun, about 25 hours worth of work, it got featured on attack of the show a while back, ( from about 3:20 on) Olivia Munn loved it and talked about it going into one of the breaks on the final day of the contest : )
ArtfulAl3 years ago
that, sir, is dedication. i dont think i'd ever be able to make something like that, let alone of a cat playing a keyboard. very nice work.
poofrabbit3 years ago
Very nice! I have always admired marquetry work!