Picture of Keyboard Cat
No, not THAT keyboard cat, silly. There's a new keyboard cat in town... 

The the geeky lovechild of keyboard cat and long cat. Oh yeah, this cat has nerd to spare...

Is your desk not up to your nerd standards? Do you have lolcats on your screen but not on your desk? Incidentally, do your wrists sometimes get tired? No more I say! Down with cat-less keyboards and limp wrists. We're going to make ourselves a keyboard cat wrist rest!

(P.S. - Don't know what keyboard cat and/or longcat are? Check out http://knowyourmeme.com/ - and welcome to the internet)

Step 1: The supplies

Picture of The supplies
So, we’re going to make the geekiest wrist rest your desk has ever seen, in a few easy steps. It’s comfy enough for any computer, and dorky enough for lolcat lovers, meme-followers, and nerds of all flavor. The kitty rest we’re going to make is like longcat's long-lost cousin or the nerdy programmer sibling of keyboard cat.

We’ll need:
-about half a yard or so of fabric
-matching thread
-scissors & pins
-a big ol’ bag of rice.

If you decide you want to go the ol’ fashioned way like me and hand embroider, you’ll also need floss, a needle, and an embroidery hoop.
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I'll definitely make this.
jcee527 months ago

the glasses and little pink noise are adorable!

nsteinmann1 made it!1 year ago

Just made mine and I've gone for a slightly wilder version :-) Thanks.


love your lion! :)

Luv2cook748 months ago

awesome, I love cats!

Wow! Creative and trendy!
etrlp1 year ago


beshtia2 years ago
Just finished mine.It's simple and awesome!Thanks for the idea and tutorial.
Maro2372 years ago
How long did it take you?
This is very misleading. When I saw the title, I thought we had to use actual cats. When I actually took my cat and put it on the keyboard, he broke my keyboard. You're lucky I'm broke and can't afford a lawyer. Or else you would be SO sued right now, like legit. Seriously. I mean it. For realsies. Naw dip.
sassimo033 years ago
I'm SO going to make one now! The nerdy cats are too cute! X D
Juleemt3 years ago
super cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥
cbraga4 years ago
Made my own Keyboard Cat, a little different, but still cute ;)
kscott3 cbraga4 years ago
AWWWW i love yours he is so cute with the milk spot ♥
UrbanThreads (author)  cbraga4 years ago
Aww love it. The black is a good idea :)
kscott34 years ago
WOW those are sooooo adorable i wish you could order them awww ♥♥♥ them
Awesome! I can't wait to make one. However, I don't know about using rice to stuff it with. I can imagine the Keyb Cat getting covered in sweat and dirt over time. Except you can't really throw a plush filled with rice in the washing machine can you! :p He might come out very soggy and swollen. I want to make one, I just have to find something that can replace the rice...
ignore my last post :p the rice feels so comfy! Thanks for this 'ible! It was so fun to make and I learned a lot about sewing lol
Keyboard Cat.jpg
tommagic14 years ago
Be careful not to let your keyboard cat get near your mouse!
henrey in side lol i bet your neme is henrey
henry, actually. it was intentionally misspelled by my friend, who drew that, to show incompetence.
you could use the tiny styrophome balls in bean bags.
it will be alot more comfy and portable because you will be able to fold it better and it will be lighter
luzma4 years ago
very nice! just finished mine!
UrbanThreads (author)  luzma4 years ago
Love him!!
enrhedando4 years ago
a parte de cómodo cuando se escribe mucho, es precioso!
Mimikry4 years ago
great one!
i'll make one of these!
T0C4 years ago
Hah! L

bowmaster4 years ago
Very nice!!! I'd use something else rather then rice, a mouse could attack your cat and make a home in it.
cemo7024 years ago
just so pretty cat
nice idea. thnk you
silfora4 years ago
I Love it!!! Its exactly what I need, will try to make it!!! Thanks a lot!!
chicopluma4 years ago
it looks much more comfortable that the ones at sale and it reminds me the dog of dilbert
Looks like you've made a bit of an impact, I was reading this project earlier and then someone emailed this link...


Well done, and thanks for sharing!
FINALLY!!! just what i needed!!!! my wrist feel like they are gonna fall off whenever i am typing up a paper or doing an outline. it's also affordable. those gel things go for like 25 bucks.

this one i can make using household materials.
UrbanThreads (author)  ducktape.mac4 years ago
Cheap was right! The fabric was actually a tea towel I already had and the bag o' rice... well, if you don' use it all, you can just eat it!
Catisfixing4 years ago
Really cute >w< !! I approve !!!
pandaboy2924 years ago
1 word, amazing! haha. the im adorable just makes it haha
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