I had a really old keyboard lying around that I planned to use to make a Keylendar.  Upon opening it up I noticed that the circuit sheets were a really pretty bluey/green colour.  I thought this would make a great lampshade. 

For the light source I used an LED puck light connected to a USB cable so that I can have it near my computer.  The light cast through the lampshade is not overly bright but it makes for nice mood lighting.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • Old or unwanted keyboard
  • Light and power source ( I used an LED puck light connected to a USB cable)
  • Metal tin
  • Glue
  • Clear packing tape
  • Hole punch
  • Screwdriver
Hey- if you still have your keyboard could you shoot over the model #? Thanks- Astroboy907
I no longer have it but I did take a picture of the model #, etc. The model number is SCORP104. I don't know if the rest of the info. is helpful.
I make it with an old box of Vosgienes that I sand and an old led light plugged on 230v. It's beautiful. Thanks for the idea.
<p>Wow, that looks really nice. Thanks for posting.</p>
<p> .</p>
Great idea: It's projects like this that make me glad I discovered this place. <br> <br>You deserved the first prize.
Thank you, and for the patch too!
good work
This is a project I would love to do. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks, I think I lucked out with a really nice looking keyboard sheet.
I'd say fortune favors the prepared- this and your tea lights are really nice circuitry artwork. Thanks for sharing!
Amazing idea. Love it =)
Thank you!
Looks awesome! Great job!
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This would also be pretty portable because if you have an iPod, you can plug the usb into where the iPod's usb would go and then plug that into the wall.
I love the design!
Fant&aacute;stico!Es un buen ejemplo de como reciclar las cosas y lo pondr&eacute; en pr&aacute;ctica en mi escuela para ense&ntilde;ar a hacer a mis alumnos.<br>Muchas Gracias!!<br>
Thank you!
I think you could also use those plastic containers that new CD stacks come in for the top and bottom.
Nice idea!
Good one!
Nice!<br>I'm thinking there must be a way to attach old CDs to use as the top and bottom. They would have a hole built in to vent the top and you could run the wire through the one on the bottom if you glue on some wood beads for feet. <br><br>If you know someone who does scrapbooking, jewelry, collage, or shadowbox art, they might have a use for your keys.
don't use wooden beads for the feet.... use the keyboard keys! :)
CDs are a great idea!
Just great! An excellent idea, simple, cheap and easy to do! I will check the colour of the circuit sheet of a keyboard i have in disuse in order to make this...
This is a lovely contemporary lamp. I will collect the materials and make one. Thanks for a clear instructable.
Now...I want to find an old key board, and break it open to see what I can find...:)
i loved it =)
I think it's an awesome idea!! :-)
Great work Chrisy! :D<br> <br> I also can't believe I wasn't subscribed! Well... it's apperantly called &quot;following&quot; now... So I'm following you now! (okay that sounds stalkery... :p)
Thanks. The term follow is going to take some getting use to.
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Thats what I was thinking- why the hell would we want to log in with a facebook account!?!
Just came back from the thrift store with two tin can lids, a kids night light and an old keyboard. Currently waiting for paint to dry on the lids.
Cool, feel free to post a picture here when your done.
Here you go! Can anyone suggest a project that can reuse the keys from the keyboard? Check out more of my projects on my flickr account! (and you'll find this image properly rotated!)<br> <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/stncilr/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/stncilr/</a><br>
Nice! Did you check out the keylendar (https://www.instructables.com/id/Keylendar/). That's what I did with my keys.<br>

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