Step 2: Flat Assembly

1) The first thing I did was to cut my retroreflective sheet to approximately the right size. Again, you can use the pattern on zieak's instructable, but I mostly made mine up as I went along. Mine uses fewer pieces for an unbroken spine, which I think is more durable.

The overall size of this first rectangle is just a bit bigger than a dollar bill. I gave it maybe a quarter inch on each side. This was the basic pattern for the wallet; everything else just extended from there.

2) I stuck this rectangle of retroreflective sheet to a nice-looking spot on the keyboard sheet, carefully laying it down and pushing out air bubbles. If you're patient, you can use a bit of water for a completely bubble-free seal, but then you'd have to wait for everything to dry, and I was not so patient.

3) Next, I cut the keyboard sheet precisely around the retroreflective sheet to make a single rectangle. I cut out another keyboard sheet rectangle using the first as a pattern, making two, one with the retroreflective sheet and one without.

4) Finally, I stuck both down on a laminating sheet, as you see in the photo below. All the same care is required here to avoid bubbles. The photo below is take from the non-sticky side of the laminating sheet. This is the eventual outside of the wallet, so you can place things as you wish to get the outside to look the way you want (I decided to have my retroreflective sheet with the silver side out. The next photo is taken from the sticky side of the laminating sheet. You can see the black side of the retroreflective sheet, here.
I would like to make this for my fiance. Where do i get retro reflective sheeting and laminate sheets? I tried ebay for retro reflective and they did not look like yours.
Hey, sorry for the late reply but I did find stuff that looked similar, here: http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=3m+reflective+tape+black
I'm a little worried about how secure this is. Wouldn't it be easy for a Drivers license to fall out of a side flap if it's only secured along the edge and bottom?
I guess YMMV, but I've been using this wallet for almost 3yrs, and I haven't had an issue. A big part of this is probably that though there are only two sides taped, the third is the inside of the wallet's spine. So whenever the wallet is closed, that edge is pinched shut.
How do you do it laminate then cut then tape or something else sorry didnt quite get it
awesome wallet.ive been wanting to make one of these wallets since the first one<br>
fantastic.you shoud be very proud bout this invention.i will be really gratefull if you send more details for me shm1366@yahoo.com
This is definitely a great improvement! T would imagine the tape would get pretty junky after a while, and this is great! My current wallet is starting to fall apart, so I may just be trying this soon!
You should be so proud!
Thank, Zieak. Awesome to get props from the original creator :)
The third picture in the intro gave me a brainblast! I will discard my angled paper macro photography rig and immediately start fiddling with the lights in my bathroom. My bathtub is a perfect place to have a continuous plain background! Thanks for the inspiration! And of course, I did read the Instructable, and it looks great! Now all I need is to probe around my closet for an old keyboard :)
Great idea! The background in my photo was just a roll of paper, but I'm glad it inspired you.
Can you have the black side on the outside of the wallet?
Yup. And I think it would look great, as I mentioned in Step 1. All you'd do is do the flat layout in step 2 with the retroreflective sheet upside-down from the orientation that I have it there in. It would be a little trickier, since the adhesive sides would be faced in less-convenient directions, but it would work if you were careful.
Ooh, shiny!
Everyone loves the shiny, right? <br /><br />I made this while making laser-cut paper chandeliers. Those won't be assembled until Burning Man, so we'll have an instructable for it in a month or two.
almost to the point I want to do this and replace my current wallet
That's high praise. Thanks!
I knew there was a reason I held on to that circuitry for so long. Good looking out.
nice to see an improvement on the old classic :) ill try and remember your tips for when mine gets too bashed. thanks.
This looks so cool!!...and it's SHINY!!! :D
Pretty damn cool! Maybe I'll take a look at this after my current wallet fails
Look great! Good job
Awesome! I also made that wallet in 2007 and had the same problems you described. I'll probably have to follow this Instructable. ;) Very nice job, good idea.

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