This project takes a steady hand and some patience, but it's inexpensive and requires no special tools. It takes about an hour and a half of work, plus an overnight to dry. 

I made this project at TechShop San Francisco

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-Miniature dominoes - a pack of 28 can be purchased at a game store for $3.95
-Black thread*
-Black cardstock/paper
-X-acto knife
-Mod Podge or other decoupage 
-3D Crystal Lacquer
-Aanraku jewelry bails - found at stained glass shops and online
-E-6000 adhesive

* Synthetic thread will not fray and will give you sharper lines between your white keys. Cotton thread simply looks like thread and has a more DIY look. 
I made this keyboard dominoe pendant and it looks just like the picture.
This is really cool! i will definitelly make it! <br>
This is really clever. Ill have to make it some time.
VERY VERY VERY NICE!!!!!!!!! Great job, awesome idea, i can't wait to try it... not sure what decoupage is, but then again, i've never done anything like this. I guess i can find it an an art store? I'm not much of a diy-jeweler, but i love music so i want this :D
decoupage is another way to say Modge Podge :] its puzzle glue
Is it white glue? vinyl glue?
White glue. Goes on white like elmers glue and drys clear. Its a lot sturdier than elmers :)
Really nice!!!!!!
I LOVE THIS! My mother in low plays the piano and use to teach it. I'm going to make her one of these! Great 'ible!
I am a pianist, and an artist.... LOVE THIS!!! :)
Well done! I love the idea! Its so easy to get all these items and such a fine look! Will so try this :D
Love it!

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