Picture of Keyboard Key Necklace/Choker
I'm a nerd. So I decided to make a nerd present for my girl.
So I made this Keyboard key necklace/choker.

This is pretty easy and cheap. If you already have a spare keyboard this is pretty much free.
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Step 1: Materials; thing's you'll need

Keyboard - Typing thing you use everyday.
Philips Screwdriver - Made to insert and remove screws into things.
Flat Screwdriver - Same as above with a different shape.
Dremel or Hand Drill - Makes holes in stuff.
Blade - Cuts things.

I didn't add costs because you should probably already have all this stuff. If you don't have a spare keyboard you can get one at Walmart for $5.

Step 2: Breakdown the keyboard

First, lets take the keyboard apart by removing all the screws on the back. You should be able to figure this one out :)

Now open it up. Keep the back part for now but you can discard the innards.

Pry the keys off with the flat head screwdriver.
Get all the keys you think you might use. don't forget numbers can be letters and such non-sense.

Remove the cable from the board.

You can now throw out the front and back of the board.