Step 4: Assembly + Ideas

Now we can start on assembly.

First get some ideas.

Now once you have the keys you want, grab those pliers crush the back of the keys and twist to remove the little doodad connector thing.
This part is a pain. get as low as you can inside the key without breaking the keys itself.
You want the key to be able to sit flat on the table, this will make it so it never aggravates the wearer.

Once that's done. grab a Dremel with a drill bit (or a hand drill).
I started with the hand drill, but finished with the Dremel, its much faster and easier.

Just get a bit that is about the same size or bigger as the wire/string you're using.

When you drill try to be as consistent on both sides as possible. from key to key it doesn't matter cus that adds a bit of character. You'll have to drill through the left over pin thing inside the key, no worries.

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