Keyboard Lighting





Introduction: Keyboard Lighting


Today I'm doing a power adjustable keyboard lighting. And the light is not shining in his eyes.

The backlight turns on with your computer and connects to your computer.

Detailed assembly and demonstration work can be seen on the video.

Step 1: The Scheme Is Simple.

Step 2: ​We Need

  • IRF840 transistor
  • 2pcs 22k resistor
  • 240k resistor
  • variable resistor 100k
  • 1-10 uf capacitor 25V
  • LED 35cm white strip
  • steel wire
  • aluminum profile
  • wire

Step 3: Connect Resistors and Solder on the Circuit Transistor.

Step 4: Glue the Transistor to the Radiator and Paste It Into the Body.

Step 5: Check the Work

Step 6: Set the Keyboard Aluminum Profile and Glue in a Convenient Spot Control.

Step 7: Connected to the System Power Supply Unit

Step 8: ​result

see before and after.

Detailed assembly and demonstration work can be seen on the video.

Thank you for attention!!!



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i love this im so going to make one

just getting the bits together but is the 100k resister Logarithmic or Linear ?

cheers mate ordering parts now .

Thank you, I am very happy !!!