Keyboard & Mouse for Tablets (Nexus 7)





Introduction: Keyboard & Mouse for Tablets (Nexus 7)

There are some simple thing that you should know about your tablet, one is that a decent 2013 tablet supports OTG. This lets you add a mouse, keyboard and USB ports. The project is simple, just read the instructions and you''' do fine. A regular keyboard works as well as a typical wireless mouse.

Without reading this guide, you probably never had though of this :))

Thank You Instructables & Radioshack!
To show my gratitude to Instructables and RadioShack, the one who sponsored the RC contest, I'l be making tons of projects for the Nexus 7 (2013 - 2nd gen) which I won from the RC contest. It's an awesome tablet BTW :D My next NEXUS accessory would be a mini version of this with a flip case with an ultraslim bluetooth keyboard attached to it. Another one is the wireless charger which the Nexus 7 (2013) supports.

Is This A Gimmick?
No its not! I've been receiving a lot of questions lately: Why not use a laptop? Why do you need an external keyboard for? Well my answer is.... I'm a PC kind of guy, the keyboard & mouse has a different feel compared to the touch panel. While your tablet is sitting, waiting to be turned on in a second, your laptop is still probably booting for minutes. The tablet's quick accessibility is a game changer in the world of computers, but one if its major downside is the lack of physical buttons (keyboards).

From the day I received my Nexus, I started to publish my short instructables with my tablet :)) It's a lot easier and convenient. BTW, this setup works with android games too, such as Modern Combat 4 and GT Racing 2.

Why Not Buy A Case w/Keyboard?
Well buying a keyboard+case combo is a great idea but this project's sole purpose is to use common computer accessories found in everyone's household.

- Connect to a 1080p LCD
- Keyboard & Mouse
- 4x USB Ports

Step 1: Accessories Materials

- Regular USB Keyboard
- Regular USB Mouse (wireless)
- Bluetooth Speaker (for sounds & tablet stand)
- OTG Cable (On-The-Go Cable)
- 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub

Step 2: Simple Connections

1st.) Plug in the OTG cable to your tablet's Micro USB plug
2nd.) Plug the USB Hub to your OTG (This gives you 4 ports of USB!)
3rd.) Plug all your accessories (ex. Keyboard, Mouse's Receiver, USB drive...)

Step 3: Improvised Tablet Stand

I used my cheap Bluetooth speaker for my tablet's stand

Step 4: You're Done! Enjoy!

Wow that was so simple! You can now type words with ease at your tablet. The keyboard and mouse also works with FPS and Racing games.

From the day I received my Nexus, I started publish my short instructables with my tablet :)) It's a lot easier



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Sure it works, for the few hours you have battery...

You can use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and keep the USB/Power connection ready for when you need to recharge. As for data transfer and filing, you can use the SD card sloth. Also, there are some adapters in the market that allow you to charge the tablet while using the USB ports for a wired mouse and keyboard, as well as USB sticks.

Why not connect an external battery. That way you will have nore power when you are on the go.

OTG cable/mouse works on 1st gen nexus7 (2012) too, handy if screen gets damaged

Can you plug a SlimPort adapter to the hub in this configuration and thereby also connect an hdmi/dvi/vga monitor (depending on which version of Slimport adapter you buy. Slimport adapters work to do this, but will they continue to work through a hub like this...

seems like nothing needs to be surely gonna try this soon. Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial.

Yay! Thank you! I couldn't get a bluetooth keyboard to work even with a special keyboard add on. Being able to plug in a keyboard via USB is a lifesaver!


Did you have to root your nexus 7 first, in order to conect the USB Hub?

Which nexus is that?? The new one or old one?? It's obviously a 7

It's the new one (2013).