Stand for phone that was never in the way and phone is always close at hand.

Step 1:

Cut plastic to approx. 16x5cm.

Heat plastic and make curve. When you have perfect angel, cut plastic to finished dimensions

Step 2:

My finished dimensions and sprayed with mat black.

Step 3:

Glued it on keyboard with Super Attak.

Step 4:

Some pics with phone.

<p>I really like the &quot;flat&quot; and &quot;no nonsense&quot; design. Adding an nfc sticker would be pretty sweet, and wouldn't really add any bulk. You could for example use tasker to execute something like Splashtop extended display, or any other &quot;task&quot; for that matter.</p>
<p>I was thinking about nfc and tasker. But I didn't remember any useful idea.</p><p>Maybe wireless charging, but I don't needed :)</p><p>or nice clock &amp; weather app with dimmable display :)</p>
<p>Short, sweet, and effective! Thanks for sharing!</p>
You kept it neat and simple! Good Job!
<p>Thnx! :)</p>

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