Keyboard Repair From TechShop


Introduction: Keyboard Repair From TechShop

About: Part man, part machine -- all awesome!

Purpose: repair common, plastic household items

Tools: digital calipers, Rhino, 3D printer
Materials: Spool of ABS or PLA plastic

Step 1: Digitize

An occasional issue among gamers is the nerd rage where headsets, keyboard, and mice bear the brunt of your wrath.  But to be fair, those little feets under your keyboard are flimsy!

The first real step is to regain your composure and chill the eff out.  Also, don't worry about buying a new keyboard (and good luck trying to get just a single component from the manufacturer).  All you really need are digital calipers.   Measure out your broken buddy, or better, remove the intact one depending on damage inflicted.

I personally prefer Rhino, but any 3D modeling software should be fine as you need an STL file at the end.  You can also use our 3D scanner or AutoDesk Catch if you aren't as comfortable with modeling software, but it won't be quite as precise.

Step 2: Print

3D printers are easy to come by these days: MakerBot, Up!, RepRap, Cubify, whatever you want to use.  For my small print at 100% fill it only took four minutes and about 18¢ of plastic, so I decided to print a matching pair.  As a bonus, the digital file is always available if I need another print.

That's it, you're done!  Next time though, go easy on your equipment...

For more resources, tools, and training, head over to TechShop!

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    Oh Thanks.
    I Tired to use reply right under yours but site wouldnt let me use the capcha properly.

    So you use Rhino is that at all Techshops? I use Techshop in Detroit but only been there a month so not sure if they have that software. Unfortunately our 3d printer is acting up at the moment but we might be able to use one at Ford.

    1 reply

    TechShop does not have Rhino, but this is quite doable with Inventor (or another program of your choosing). I was at home when I did the digital modeling and just used what was available.


    Boom headshot?

    this is not simple. but a great instructables. Super glue meant for plastics, most of loctite brand, works perfectly

    I love this. It is simple, and useful. This is just one of the many reasons that everybody needs a 3D printer. How many keyboards does a typical IT department go through in a single year because of a broken keyboard foot?
    Thank you for your inscrutable.

    2 replies

    When I was in high school my IT class went through about twenty. Between angered Teens and hard key pressers.

    If you dont have 3D printer you can glue it and make mold