Keyboard Wallet With Magnetic Closure



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Introduction: Keyboard Wallet With Magnetic Closure

Hi, well, instructables for keyboard wallets there are a lot, and when I saw it for the first time I loved the idea, so I made one for myself, but I customized it for me, like putting a fabric edge,to make it more resistant and putted some velcro so it keeps closed. But later the wallet  started to torn apart, because of its heavy use, 'cause I had to take out cards constantly of just by opening it, the velcro turned out to be too strong, and also, every time I opened it, it sounds. So I thought about making another, and this is what I made, the explanations are in the pictures. Maybe many people has already thought about this, specially here in instructables, (they're very creative) but either way, here it is.
(Sorry if my English is not quite accurate)



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