Tired of the normal Rubik's cube challenge?   Have the keyboards from a dead computer?  Well, here is the thing for you!  The Keyboard/Sudoku Rubik's cube!

i got the idea when i popped off a key from my key board and looked at its shape, and it fit perfectly on my Rubik's cube

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Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need the following:

a Rubik's cube (maybe the one that your stickers are falling off of  =D
a tube of epoxy, or other strong plastic on plastic glue (I used clear drying)
guitar pick or razor blade
two (2) keyboards, one black and one white
small fan
fingernail polish remover/goo-gone or similar product (to remove residue from stickers)
thin wood or cardboard
flat head screw driver
needle-nose pliers
rubber/latex gloves
tooth picks
face mask (cause the epoxy smells)
six (6) plastic bags
spare thin cardboard, or something else to mix the epoxy on
dremel power tool (recommended but not necessarily needed)
roll of paper towels
lots of time
Do you only remove on row of cubes, or is it vital to remove them all ?
Funny! Learn the <a href="http://www.rubiksplace.com" rel="nofollow">Rubik's Cube</a> solution..
Now coming up with that was a great thought. Simple and really cool. I could have stared at my keyboard and a rubix cube for eternity and never considered gluing them together.
I want to do this, I experienced a hard drive error earlier this week and I think my laptop is dying. I want to have a funeral for my laptop.
On Feb 23, in the free Swiss-French paper called <em>20 Minutes</em>, they mentioned the Instructables website, illustrated by your cube!<br />
That's pretty awesome! He reached the news paper in La France!=P
in &quot;la Suisse&quot; (french speaking part of) to be exact.
Sorry for removing...=P What I ment to say is that overlord did a good job by reaching a newspaper.
do u know where i could find this on the internet?<br />
It's no longer on their website. Hi-res version of the scan: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FHP/046O/G68GY9KL/FHP046OG68GY9KL.png" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/files/orig/FHP/046O/G68GY9KL/FHP046OG68GY9KL.png</a><br />
thank you!!<br />
awsome i can't wait till spring clean up so i can snatch someones old key board
wow this is crazy. lol. too bad im on a lap top with no 10-key :(<br /> <br /> does it only involve rubiks strategies or <a href="http://sudokustrategies.net" rel="nofollow">Sudoku Strategies</a> as well?<br />
I added some paint on each side , so I can play by the colour ,or by the numbers (of course , the number and the colours side isn't the same) . Thanks for your Instructable ! It's Very cool !!!!
I used a single keyboard, here's the result:<br />
nice!&nbsp; i assume u used the letter keys, what was the 27th key u used, just wondering<br />
At first, I used a german keyboard. So some keys may be different from your keyboard.<br /> <br /> I used the F-keys, numpad and number keys, A-I, the nine keys in the upper right of the keyboard (page up, down, pos 1, roll etc). On the last side I put the four directions, -, /, *, ';' and _ .<br /> <br /> Solving the cube might be very tricky, so it's just decoration at the moment :D<br /> <br /> thanks for your instructions! I modified it a bit, but it worked perfectly!<br />
Why do I try to describe it so hard... pictures tell more than words.<br /> <br /> Sry for bad quality -&gt; iPhone<br />
ah, nice work!<br />
I like the way you think, I'll give it the old college try.<br />
I&nbsp;must add this to my stash of weird stuff I&nbsp;have made. Thank you!<br />
Have you tried a cardboard computer?<br />
Lol in the link to this from treehugger they spelled instructables instructibles. :D<br />
Hi there,<br /> I don't understand how you removed the 'cubbies' from the Cube.<br /> <br /> I am kind old and slow so sometimes I don't understand , do they just pull off? and in what direction do you pry them off??? If you can make this old guy understand, I sure would appreciate it...James<br />
If you move one side so that the corners are sticking up above the surface of another side, you can pry one of the corners off and the rest will be easy to remove.&nbsp; Another option is to pry off one of the middle side pieces.&nbsp; That would be a piece with only 2 colors.&nbsp; Again the rest should practically fall off.&nbsp; Hope this helps.<br />
yeah, if you take a flat head screwdriver and pry one of the edge pieces it should work, ill post a picture =)<br />
Thank you sir, I do like the help.....J<br />
your thumb works as well<br />
Ok, thanks for taking the time to answer...my grand baby and I are going to start this on the coming weekend. Thank you again...J<br />
i hope those pictures help you out, if not just say so and ill see if i can do something better for you =)<br />
&nbsp;i like this one, very creative
i really appreciate the comments! thank you so very much!!<br />
Could you please explain the notation for the algorithms?<br /> is ' up or down/cw or ccw?<br />
More specifically when your talking about R or L is R' up or down same with L'<br /> <br /> If you consider cw and ccw then R would be up while L would be down<br /> or are both R &amp; L down and R' &amp; L' up<br />
Never mind i figured it out, R and L would be opposite so according to the cw and ccw rules<br /> <br /> also i found a faster way to spin the top center piece 180<br /> <br /> U R L U2 R' L' U R L U2 R' L' <br /> <br /> (U2 being spin 180)<br />
im glad you got the problem figured out, but just for everyone else regular letters are cw and letter with a ' after them are ccw<br /> <br /> and thanks for the faster algorithm!! that is way quicker than the one i found!! =D<br />
LOL&nbsp;I've noticed that too! Brilliant!
this is incredible, i love your idea
Very neat, I should go find keyboards to do this with.<br />
that is so cool.<br /> once my computor breaks i will make this(: haha
Finger nail polish? or is it finger nail polish remover.&nbsp;
its finger nail polish remover<br />
thats brilliant!

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