Microfiber cloths are used for cleaning optical glass, such as eye glasses, cameras, and microscopes. They're often sold in small pouches that you can clip to your belt, or put on a key ring. That's exactly what I'm going to show you how to make. This is a handy little case for the cloth so that you don't lose it*, and it stays safe. This took me about half an hour to make...but if you know how to sew, it should take less.

*The cloth will be attached to the pouch...making it harder to lose

Step 1: What You'll Need

Pretty simple as far as instructables go:

  • 6x7in Microfiber Cloth (Free from Costco)
  • 3x4in Felt
  • Keyring

You'll also need sewing supplies.
6x7in Microfiber Cloth (Free from Costco) Where and how do you get the cloth for free?
Whenever they do something with my glasses, they give me a free one. I figure that they would probably give you one if you go and ask nicely.
awesome! My friend uses these with his slr's. I always have a smudgy lens on mine, so I think this would be cool for me since I like making stuff and I'm cheap :P
<tt>&nbsp;you can also find cheap micro fiber&nbsp;towels&nbsp;at places like walmart in their car&nbsp;washing&nbsp;section, buy it and use a lighter around the ends once cut (thats what i did).</tt>
Hey. Add a small zipper, and the keychain looks nicer!
If I but wore glasses...
To use the cloth on.<br/><br/>Very cool, btw; most useful entry I've seen yet! +1 <em>and </em> voted ;]<br/>
ohh, I read it as "but if I wore glasses..." And thanks!
Yah, you gotta vote from me to...<br/><br/><sup>*Hey Micah this is your subconscious speaking, why don't you return the favor and give &quot;Fold Your Own Asgard Starship&quot; a vote eh?*</sup> <br/>
...only because I didn't enter that contest.<br/><br/>=]<br/>
Good instructable! How would you aquire said free cloths from Costco? Walk in and take one? ☻
They always give one to me when I have something done to my glasses, but i'm sure they'd give you one if you asked nicely. If not, ask a friend or parent who wears glasses to go and get them cleaned/adjusted (free) and have them ask for one then.
nice! i have to make this because i freak out if i see a finger print on my laptop screen ;). lol, very nice instructable, and i really hope to see more of these
more of this type of instructable** -gamer
One of the most actually great pocketsized Instructables so far, great job! +1 vote (and rating).

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