Picture of Keychain Wristlet
This fabric Keychain Wristlet is worth more than it's weight in gold when your hands are full with shopping, pets, kids or whatever. It also makes your keys much harder to lose in a bag. It is sturdy, washable, and depending on your choice in fabric can reflect your tastes perfectly!


Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
 You will need.

1 x keyfob hardware [these are available for sale on ebay and other places online] If you can't get one of these, see this instructable on how to make one using a D ring.
1 x medium weight cotton fabric, at least 27cm x 7cm
1 x fusible interfacing 27cm x 7cm
1 x fusible interfacing 27 cm x 3cm
1 x Cotton tape approx 3cm x 27cm [this is not adhesive, but a woven length of cotton available from a fabric store]
Polyester machine thread

Ruler/tape measure
Sewing Machine
Blunt nosed pliers