Picture of Keylendar
Monthly calendar made from keys of old / broken keyboard

Step 1: Remove keys

Remove keys from an old or broken keyboard
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The cheapest and simplest way I found was to use acetone, aka nail varnish remover. Soak your jar or put it in the dishwasher to remove the label and then wipe it off with cotton wool dabbed in acetone.

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You know I think these would work a lot better individually to the side of the fridge in a cluster, then to mark the date, you arrange them in the shape of the month like it would be on a regular calendar.The strips are a useless way of doing it.
I agree that the vertical stripes make sense. Find a 7-day/week Gregorian calendar where the number 8 does not appear under the number 1 etc

I just want to know where the builder found keytops of uniform profile--that's a tough find!
duckcrazy (author)  Treknology5 years ago
 I found it rather easy. Get a couple of old/broken keyboard from friend. Keys of the same line should have alike shapes, Of course, colour matters. It's hard to find if the key colour is rare.
At first the permanently attaching them to strips didn't make sense to me either but it really does make the months easier to build. You lose some flexibility in how you could arrange the numbers, however, if you're building a standard calendar grid it works perfectly since you only need to position the 29-31 keys on their own.
A good name6 years ago
As good an idea as it is, it's somewhat useless. How do you write on the keys? Surely they are not big enough to write on.
Newblit6 years ago
I have to ask what is up with the Hong Kong Fleur de Lis. I am from New Orleans and growing up I have been taught alot about the Fleur de Lis for example it's French and that is undisputed lol, so can you enlighten me on why on earth the Chinese are using a French symbol lol.
duckcrazy (author)  Newblit6 years ago
Why on earth cannot Chinese use Fleur de Lis? Yes, it is originated from France but is now adapted as the World Scout Emblem. There are scout badges all over the world with alterations for local use. The two Chinese Character simply means Hong Kong. So can you enlighten me why you keep on lol. Is there any scout in New Orleans?
Absolutely I am an Eagle Scout actually and you are right just I was confused why on earth the fleur de lis is being used with Hong Kong but I get it now I didn't realize it was for a boy scout symbol for Hong Kong that makes a lot of since now. No sarcasm meant btw.
duckcrazy (author)  Newblit6 years ago
No sarcasm meant btw? LOL LOL LOL....
ward2u6 years ago
it's very gooooooooood
Notbob7 years ago
The correct name for ironic is ferris.
And the correct name for ferris is ferrous.

Wikipedia: Ferrous
My mistake, I cant spell very well sometimes.
hehehe... (Snickering in the corner)
stop snickering
Kaiven Notbob6 years ago
They taste good.
Plasmana Kaiven6 years ago
Kaiven Plasmana6 years ago
Notbob Kaiven6 years ago
Notbob Notbob6 years ago
Also, i would like to point out that my Bulgarian chemistry teacher pronounces it "Ferris".
epic win!
How... ironic.
mtntroll Notbob6 years ago
correct name for ferris is buhler....
haha, well, you have already been corrected on this subject, but you should have said "it was a typo of ferric" hahah (another type of molecular configuration of iron)

btw, to anyone who may know, i know ferrous substances are magnetic, but what about ferric?
Awesome idea, I wish i had thought of it!
viviluk6 years ago
yeeeeea HK!
uguy7 years ago
In Step 2, you are removing the number 12 from a key. I can't find a number 12 key on my keyboard. LOL
gmjhowe uguy7 years ago
its the F12 key, (f has already been removed)
jj32x gmjhowe6 years ago
i thought something looked a bit strange :-D
dotancohen uguy7 years ago
It's right there after the 11 key.
RadBear6 years ago
This inspired me. I used individual keys to make dates for our magnetic whiteboard calender at home.
ansanma6 years ago
Scout power!!! ;)
great idea! i think i'll try it with velcro ;)
pookagirl7 years ago
OH!!!!shiny buttons!!!
Tailslvr7_77 years ago
Good idea for those broken keyboards that cannot be repaired! I might try it on a keyboard that no longer works, because one of the prongs that connect to the computer broke off of one of my keyboards.
I like it. If instead of glueing into strips, try separating each key as its own magnet thus allowing you to make any month you want.
Well it was a good idea until I realised you did it already. Shhhhh!
frickelkram7 years ago
cool ... i really like that!
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