One of the problems in school bus conversions is how to lock the rear door.  Bruce on Yahoo Shoolie Group used a dead bolt lock on the rear door of his school bus conversion and I liked the idea so much I kidnapped it and expounded on it.

While I loved Bruce's idea, I have a hard time just doing things simple.  Also, this is my second school bus conversion.  When I did the first one I had a combination/key lock then also.  It was a manual combination lock.  The main reason I opted for that type of lock was if I were camping and wanted to go swimming or just didn't want to have to take keys with me I could just dial in the combination and open the door.  Nothing like losing your keys at the beach or the pool and can't get back into the house/camper.
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Step 1: Gather Supplies And Get Started

Picture of Gather Supplies And Get Started
This project actually took much more time than I had anticipated but in the end I'm well pleased with how it turned out.

Things you'll need:

School bus
Keyless digital lock  (The lock I used.)
Heavy duty slide bolt
Scrap pieces of wood (or plywood)
Extension lock piece

Various power tools:
(and outer stuff depending on what problems you run into)


If you have a door as this you'll need to remove the white safety bar.
oakironworker11 months ago
Nice job
astral_mage11 months ago
u might wanna change yr code now? and or put a case on the outside to protect thelock from being hit with a sledge hammer.and put better protection from some 1 beating the window in.
rovingcraftshop (author)  astral_mage11 months ago
If anybody wants to go through that much trouble, nothing's gonna stop 'em.
astral_mage11 months ago
umm wat keep the dead bolt from sliding into locked open position?
rovingcraftshop (author)  astral_mage11 months ago
By taking the pin (handle) out of the slide-bolt it will not lock in any position. It merely slides from side to side. The deadbolt (the lock) is a standard key lock and still works like any keyed lock.
Milz200011 months ago
rovingcraftshop (author)  Milz200011 months ago
Bongmaster11 months ago
nice stuff :)
rovingcraftshop (author)  Bongmaster11 months ago