Keyring Charging Cable (1 Minute, No Cost [except the Cable])





Introduction: Keyring Charging Cable (1 Minute, No Cost [except the Cable])

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Today I stumbled upon this clever idea on

First thought, as always: "Wow, why didn´t I came up with this idea?"
Simple, clever, cheap and really solves some (first world) problems. So if you like it, please support those guys.

Second thought: "Well, I got a short charging cable, so why not make it a keyring cable...".

So off i went to plunder my bargain bins and about one minute later I had my own perfectly working keyring charging cable.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Pretty overseeable:

- Short charging cable (mine was from Amazon Basics)
- Piece of bicycle innertube (preferably from a road bike, diameter fits perfectly to those somewhat bulky Amazon Basics plugs, optionally you can use a simple rubber ring and wrap it around the plugs a few times, probably won´t look as sleek, but will work, too)

Step 2: To Do

Cut a section of the innertube matching the length of your USB-plug.

Slip it over the USB-plug.

Bend your cable and slip/squeeze the Lightning-/Micro-USB-/or-whatever-else-plug into the rubber cover.

(Optional: Glue the rubber cover to the USB-plug on one side. Didn´t try that yet, works fine without and you might encounter problems finding a glue which works for [soft] plastics and rubber as well... Tell me if you found a working solution!)

Attach to your keyring.

That was easy, wasn´t it? :)

Have fun!



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    I have one of these Nokia cables that I might use. These are bombproof?


    A single thought occurred: why not use an O-ring!

    They look pretty slick

    Absolutely love the idea though.

    1 reply

    Seems to me that an O-ring would tend to roll/slide off of the plugs. But worth a shot.

    I'm going to do this tomorrow, but instead, I'm going to wrap each end in heatshrink with a little earth magnet underneath so they snap together.

    4 replies

    is there a risk of the magnet messing with the phone's our other device's function?

    From my experience, which includes the past 9 years in electronics repair, small magnets would cause no issues on modern (solid state) devices.

    Please post a pic or link if you have finished your build.
    I´m a big fan of rare earth magnets. That approach also leaves the cable itself unaltered, maybe I will try that, too.

    Will do. I'm just waiting on my short USB to come in to do it. Also, I got a 12 pack of small magnets at Home Depot for this.

    Wow, thanks for all the nice comments!

    Can´t believe so many of you viewed my little sudden inspiration! :D
    I hope you found it helpful :)

    Thanks for the recommendations regarding glue, but using only the "rubber sleeve" works like a charm and leaves the cable itself unaltered, which I like. Think I will stick with that for now.

    I also like the ideas of using velcro or magnets heatshrinked to the plugs.
    Please post photos or link to own `ible here!


    Great idea! Nice, simple, cheap and effective. I think a good alternative to the bicycle tube would be a velcro strip with epoxy on the back to ensure that it stays on, so that way it's easier to take apart the cable :)

    I like it!

    Look at a clear glue called E 6000.

    it is the best multi purpose glue ever.

    made by Fabricado por Eclectric Products

    i buy this in 10.5 oz Caulking gun tubes. the E6001 is a slower thicker version.

    Just LOVE this !


    H2Hold by Devcon would be a good glue

    Awesome idea and easy to carry, thanks


    3 years ago

    I guess using velcro (a side on each plug) would be neater and slicker.