Introduction: Keyring for a Tool Key

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I use this tool key on equipment I work on daily, but it doesn't even have a hole through it for a lanyard.
Rather than just drill a hole and put a piece of para-cord through it, I decided to make it a little more high-tech and personalized.
You might not use a key like this one, but you might like the techy mechanical lanyard idea!

Step 1: The Keyring and Cotter Pin

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This is the part that you might find useful for adapting to your own devices and projects.
It adds a personalized touch, and it looks a little more techy than just a straight paracord lanyard.
If you spend some time looking through all those little drawers and bins in the hardware section of a local hardware store, you can come up with all kinds of unique variations on this theme.

I picked up a Quick Release Cotter Pin 1 5/8" x 1/4", the ring came with it.
I found Brass Bushings to fit the pin, 1/4" I.D - 3/8" O.D.
        These give much better holding power than simply drilling a hole the same size as the pin.
I used yellow #18 Twisted Chalk/Mason line to wrap the keyring with an Alternating Ring Hitch. Think I used about 20".

Maybe its overkill but I decided to add a dongle. Its a piece of nondescript black string, shoelace or para-cord would do.
I put it through the ring, then tied a Celtic Button Knot about 2" down. This is like a Monkey Fist but smaller.
Stormdrane gives a tutorial on how to tie this knot, check out his instructables - thanks Stormdrane!
Then I used the remaining yellow cord and worked it up to the button knot.

Notice on the Intro pic, I ended up putting a Double Overhand Knot an inch down each strand and cut off the rest.
Aslo, did you notice from the original key pic, I used a lathe to cut the handle into a straight cylinder shape - just my preference to the raised ridges and glossy finish of the original.

My handle was hollow so I used a piece of 5/8" dowel to fill it and epoxy the end cap onto. I also epoxied the brass bushings into place.

The chrome cap is a bolt cap I found in a special display stand at the hardware store. If your store doesn't cary these, google CY-Chrome, look for bolt caps. They offered a couple other designs besides the skull, in a few sizes. They're a little pricy but a nice finishing touch.And real chrome!


jaguar (author)2013-06-03

I take it you know what that 'equipment key' goes to....

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