Keytracer- Electronic Key Lockers, Security Key Box


Introduction: Keytracer- Electronic Key Lockers, Security Key Box

Key Tracer provides electronic key control systems, key cabinets, asset & key storage, guard tour systems and key management solutions for a wide clientele across North America. Key Tracer utilizes RFID electronic lock management technology for all your key security requirements. 

The electronic key management within a broader category of security is actually an area of access control wherein mechanical keys are managed by a system. This not only creates keys access but also generates alarms when it is not used by authorized users. Many times, the key management systems are web based, networkable and IP addressable.

Why to manage keys electronically?
The justification regarding the management of keys electronically is based on the idea that professionals including managers, security directors or any other in any organization want to manage the entry or use of specific assets or rooms within an institution or a facility.



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