Introduction: Kgronetic

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the kgronetic created by Carlton & branison

Step 1: Kgronetic

The kgronetic is a energetic power source its like ay mini generator . The kgronetic hold 48,000 watts it is use to power up dead car batteries an also you could use it when the current goes off .

Step 1. Get a fully car battery
Step2. Hook it up to the alligator clips
Step.3.insert aye search protector
Step4 plug in anything you want to power up . now its working an your source is now power up



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    Hi! I'm a noob but i have some questions. 1. Where is the scheme? What is the function principles? 2. In some picture you have a circuit board vertically positioned, it misses in other pictures. Is for decoration reason? 3. Your wires will never support 48kW. Anyway, your fan can't keep with thermal loss on transforming 48kW. 4. Screen's circuit board and connector looks stock. Haven't seen the video signal generator. How it display "the rate of the amount of power". And so on ... I will wait to see your instructable complete. Succes!

    Are you using this gadget? If so, could you post a few more steps on how this is made and used? Thanks.

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    step 1 it was made with 4 transformers
    step 2 . get 2 mini cooling fan
    step 3 you must have a short stop.
    step 4 get a rest button
    step 5 wire ever ting on together the rest button must connect to all transformer the 2 mini fan will also connect to the transformer asing the positive an negative then you hook up everything to the grounding wire on each side then the cable wire positive must connect to the short stop an the negative must connect to the transformer . the last ting you add everyting to the feeding end

    hey dude are you some African prince or something? do you need money so you could send me ten times more in a week?

    if it's something, were are thousands interested in some explanation else you should wait until 1st April.

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    ok thanks for your compliment because I want take my invention to ay next level an am from the Bahamas Nassau new providence

    48,000 watts is the right power for it . its the right calculations that transformer I have is 48,000 the where the power increase it energy from an in side the kgronetic there 4 transformers an that's enough power to run your tv , fan , ace, an etc....... an also I won first place with the kgronetic everyone loves it I have the video on Facebook you ga search me on humble Kjay an also a lot of my invention video on it

    Nice voodoo - getting 48 kW out of nothing!

    I don't believe the high voltage on the back of the tube is part of the design, just for fifteen minutes of demo. (inverted ac vs car battery)

    It appears the destructible is about a surge protector with clips on the leads for battery connection, on a cart, with an antique crt as a ballast(weight) and maybe a little disregard for personal safety.

    I know they say keep comments positive, I'm sorry. This one needs attention.

    >Find the essential components for charging the/a battery bank.
    > create this again with more permanent electrical connections
    > case the device to protect yourself and users.
    > harvest parts from the crt monitor and dispose of the rest accordingly.
    > pictures and clean descriptions make it easier for others to follow.

    My common sense is tingling...

    Are you trying to kill people?

    Reading this I have no idea how I would do it myself. Perhaps if you added directions and make it an instructable.

    Reading this I have no idea how I would do it myself. Perhaps if you added directions and make it an instructable.

    1. If this works ...

    2. he title Instructables suggests that you will tell us how it works and or you made it.

    3. DC and transformers don't work.

    How did the TV work hooked up to the generator?

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    what I did was cut the plug of the monitor an wire it up to the transformer . the monitor also shows the rate of the amount of power your using but the monitor I have there we be able to come off an you ga be able to put it back on!!

    Can the kgronetic field be used for teleportation or time travel? How many flux capacitors were required to fold space time?