Introduction: Khajiit Body Paint

I love skyrim do I decided I would do a Khajiit! please help support me and help me keep creating by subscribing to my YouTube page.

Step 1: Sketch It Out

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taking a white eyeliner pencil I sketched out my design, as I normally do.

Step 2: Base

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taking a white body paint I placed that on my eyebrow bones, nose, cheek bones, and chin. then I took a gray body paint and placed it everywhere else and then blended the two together.

Step 3: Black Eye Shadow

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taking black eye shadow I added shading to the nose, I also contoured my nose to make it look bigger. I also added black to my eye lids, and drug some shadow from my eyelids to my temples. then I added shadowing under the crown.

Step 4: Spots and Strips

Picture of Spots and Strips

taking black body paint I added some dots and strips.

Step 5: Random Details

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I filled in the side of my face with black to reshape it, I also filled in my bottom lip, and I added more dots.

Step 6: Crown

Picture of Crown

I cooked in the crown with silver body paint, then I used black eyeshadow to shadow the crown to give it depth, I then took teal body paint to fill in the gems, then I used white body paint to add a shine.

Step 7: Body

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I put white body paint down the middle of my neck and chest. then I took black body paint to add strips and dots.


BreezyB (author)2016-11-16

Love the game and great job that looks amazing

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