Introduction: Kheer

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Kheer is a preparation of milk and sugar made by boiling rice, wheat, semolina, vermicelli, barley,etc. It is one of the first foods prepared by the mankind.

Kheer is prepared in India, Persia other parts of the world from the ancient times.

Lord Gautam Buddha broke his fast by devouring on kheer after he got enlightenment.

Also during holy month of Ramadan fast is broken by eating sher Khurma which is kheer made with vermicelli.

Kheer is also known as food of the gods and therefore prepared during festive occasions.

May it be Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains or Zoroastrians all have a special importance of kheer in their religion, Therefore it is the MOST SECULAR FOOD IN ASIA.

Step 1: Ingredients

Milk 1 litre

Rice 1 cup

Sugar 3/4 cup ( add according to your preference)

Green cardamom pods


Dry nuts (almonds, pistachios, cashews,etc) Rose petals

Step 2: Turn on the Heat

Turn on the heat and bring the milk to boil

Step 3: Add the Rice

Wash the rice thoroughly and add to the milk

Step 4: Waiting...

Heat till the milk (on a low flame) becomes half the volume and the rice gets cooked properly. Stir in between as required.

Step 5: Aromatize

Crack 4-5 cardamom pods, powder them and add to the preparation

Add sugar according to your preference

Cook till the sugar melts
Turn off the heat

Step 6: Make It Look Beautiful !

Garnish with rose petals, raisins,and nuts of your choice

Step 7: Devour

You can eat it as it is or even have it chilled in the refrigerator. It tastes awesome anyway.



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    Yummy, I love kheer! It' my favoriete dessert.
    I've improvised in the past and it was ok, but I definitley want to try out your recipe! Thank you for posting :)

    4 replies

    glad that you like it, do give it a try and let me know. Also share your version of recipe.

    Tbh I do not really have a recipe, I would just improvise and it would be different every time, depending on what I had in the house; boil rice in milk, add sugar, add raisins and/or sometimes dried peaches or apricots (cut into little pieces), add a random nut mix from the supermarket or sometimes no nuts at all, add ground cinnamon and a little ground cardamon.

    I never added whole cardamon pods, so that's something I'd like to try.

    I am not from India, I just mimic what I have eaten in an Indian restaurant, I'd love to visit India someday, I think it's a very beautiful country with a rich and interesting culture.

    Also I love the cuisine of India; curry's, dahl soup, masala chai (prepared with milk) and chapati's are some of my favourites.

    I never did add rose petals, do you eat them or take them of before?... can you just add any kind of rose petals or is it a special kind of rose?

    We have lots of white roses in our garden but I don't know if they are edible...

    All kinds of roses are edible, if you have a lots of roses you can even pickle them (in India it is known as gulkand). You can find the recipe on the Internet.Give it a try it is very delicious.

    Interesting, thank you for the tip!

    Thanks! Do give it a try and let me know.