This instructable will show you how to make your own Eye of Horus beam splitter pieces for the Khet board game.

Step 1: Stuff

for this you will need:
electrical tape (any tape should do)
hot glue
clear plastic CD case
something to cut the plastic with
Khet is one of my favorite board games... ...EVER!! The only real exceptions are monopoly clue and chess. I have all of the pieces to khet, the main board, the tower, and the eye of horus beam splitters. with all of them combined, the game gets so complicated its awesome, but i still prefer it plain and sometimes with the beam splitters. Nice instructable, though.
Thanks. I play online more often then with the actual board. I'm probably going to bet the Eye of Horus pieces and the tower eventually but this should do for now
that should say buy not bet.
They're fairly expensive for what they are, and i don't even play with the tower as it just gets for the most part instead of being a helpful asset like it would seem. I had no clue that there was an online version. It is so fun to use the eye of horus beam splitters for the three or four move mate against new players, as it frustrates them so much. I say that the eye of horus are worth it, but the tower isn't. especially considering that a feature of the tower is that instead of moving or turning a piece, you can move/turn the tower itself assuming there are no pieces in the way. 4 stars =)<br/>
where can you play it online
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ascendingintegration.com/khet/">http://www.ascendingintegration.com/khet/</a><br/>
<p>Thank you.</p>

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