Kick-A Knex Uber Handgun





Introduction: Kick-A Knex Uber Handgun

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This is a well-made Knex gun. It shoots Knex ammo @50mph. It is so kewl.

Step 1: Preparation

These are the parts that are required to assemble the handgun.

Step 2: Subassembly a (Handle)

This handle is a complex design made by Michael G. Make sure to assemble two of them.

Step 3: Subassembly B (Barrel)

This is the barrel and its intricate parts. They were painstakingly designed by Tyler B. LOL (If you don't know what LOL means, you stink!) LOL.

Step 4: Subassembly C (Ram Rod & Holder)

This is the innovative ram rod (for pushing ammo down the barrel, like in the old muskets of the Revolutionary War), and its holder.

Step 5: Ammo

These are the two types of ammo we used. For best results, sharpen tips with a knife*.


Step 6: Final Assembly

Here are all of the subassemblies put together to make the final product. The diagram shows where the rubber bands go.



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    nice gun, u cud take off the bottom part, it still works pretty good

    I think that it shoots best with yellow rods.

    Can you replace the two small black parts?

    this is a good beginners gun people, stop flaming. just because your like knex masters it gives you no right to leave horrible comments. We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site. ever seen that at the bottom of the comment box? well read it well. BE NICE. If you have to be horrible at least make it constructive.

    3 replies

    everybody rips on it because they didnt look at the date (august of '07). they though it was an '08 and block triggs were popular then and not now so thats y people rip on it so much

    They also rip on it because of the obviously faked picture..and the fact that this doesnt shoot even 6 feet.

    numerous point blank shots with sharpened orange rods could eventually kill someone. (blood poisoning most likely.)

    pretty cool but it is ovious the pic is faked 1 bullet is too low 2 it is taped 3 if it was really going 50mph you would need a very good camera

    3 replies

    Actually, a nerf gun probably goes that fast, lol. 50 mph is the equivalent of 73 1/3 fps, which is pretty low. Try and shoot a airsoft gun that slow. Plus, this thing shoots heavier bullets. Do your homework before commeting. (1 & 2 are correct however.) -PKT

    point number 3 is not that it cant go 50mph its that you would need to have a good camera to catch it firing that fast from that distance. I did do my homework before commenting, try to actually read what i said

    You must admit, however, that the tape over that knex piece did make a good effect! -PKT

    If the bullet was hat low at 50 mph the gravtity must be very high. What a shame the air resistance isn't. Still pretty cool pic. GZun is ok 1.52*

    its funny how u stick the white rod to the wall and its further down than the barrel

    your parts list says you only need one orange connector. You need two

    hey, i noticed that he faked the shot on the first pic! if it really did shoot 50 MPH, it would still be aligned with the barrel hole, not slightly down.......

    1 reply

    well duh! you can see the tape holding the bullet