Picture of Kickball Planter
Not too long ago, the beloved Instructables kickball was popped by an overzealous dog. As we are not prone to ever throw anything away (ever), it just lamely drifted around the office as people slowly kicked it about in dissatisfaction from spot to spot. This continued for a while until one day I had the idea to resurrect this ball by cutting it in half and turn it into a hanging plant basket. And, that is precisely what I did. Follows are directions so you can do the same.
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Step 1: Go get stuff

Picture of Go get stuff
You will need:

A popped kickball
A razor blade
A power and some drill bits
Five thin steel cables with fasteners on the ends
A metal nut (see step 4)
A metal washer
A hanging planter bracket
2 screws
A screwdriver
A stud finder
Gravel or pumice stone
Potting soil
A zip tie

Step 2: Cut the kickball in half

Picture of Cut the kickball in half
Cut the kickball in half along its seam using a razor blade and/or scissors.

Step 3: Drill holes

Picture of Drill holes
Drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the kickball.

Drill another 5 holes around this center hole at about and inch to and inch and a half. Make sure these five holes are large enough to let light pass through (and don't close completely back up. .

Step 4: Attach cables

Picture of Attach cables
Pass your steel cables through the center hole from the outside to the inside.

Next pass these cables through your steel washer.

Lastly, pass these cables through your metal nut. The idea on the nut is that you can pass one cable at a time through if the previous ones are pulled through far enough that the fasteners are out of the way. When all of them are passed through, pull them all tight to the nut, they should all be held tightly in place.
idalingi4 years ago
Awesome idea! One quick question, where do you get those steel cables with fasteners on the ends?
randofo (author)  idalingi4 years ago
I found them. Sorry that isn't more helpful. You might be able to buy the cable and fasteners separately ad
s1a1t1a1n5 years ago
Toxicity leeching? (Someone had to ask)
randofo (author)  s1a1t1a1n5 years ago
It's some form of rubber on the inside. I'm not too concerned.
redsauce5 years ago
How do you keep the water from leaking out the bottom when you water it? Just don't water it very much at one time?
randofo (author)  redsauce5 years ago
I either do that or wipe it up later. I've considered placing a small dish in the floor underneath, but I haven't found it necessary yet.
Awesome planter!

Haha, I'm exactly the same way, I never throw such potentially useful things as broken VCRs and popped balls away!

very neat
perfect i can get a kickball and make two one for my mom and my friend can make one for his
Lindie5 years ago
Very nice!
scoochmaroo5 years ago
Lovely pictures!
randofo (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
Of course. I'm a professional.
This is a really great use for it. Very pretty end product. :D
SinAmos5 years ago
Planters are all the rage on instructables, but from my own experience, they suffocate root growth and plant potential. If you must put a plant in a pot, talk to it everyday, so it doesn't feel cheated.:)
bumpus5 years ago
What a great idea! I like the red in contrast to the green plants. :D
fwjs285 years ago