What do you do with your old shoes?

Mine find their way into my closet -- they're there as a backup to my current shoes. But I find that these shoes begin to aggregate; they pile up until I’m motivated to throw them out or donate them. So, I thought, what else can I do with these old soles?

I determined that I could repurpose them into oven mitts.

Thus, the Kickin' Mitt was born.

This Instructable will show you how to make a Kickin' Mitt for your right hand.

Time: < 1 day 
Difficulty: Beginner (If I can do it, you can do it -- I've never sewn before.)

This would make a great school project, too! By making the Kickin' Mitt, students will learn about recycling, develop a new skill (sewing), and cultivate their creativity.

Step 1: Assemble Materials

Materials you'll need:

1) An Old Shoe - Trust me, you'll need this one.

2) Lysol Disinfectant - Because who wants to stick their hand in a germ-ridden shoe?

3) Kiwi Cleaner (Target Link) - Because who wants to stick their hand in an dirty-looking shoe?

4) Leather Needle (AC Moore Link) - Using this to sew will make your life easier. The link is to a pack of several needles. The leather needle has a triangular body near the tip.

5) Button Thread (AC Moore Link) - Couldn't find the exact product online that I bought at AC Moore store (Dual Duty Plus - Craft and Button), but this should do. Anyway, go into the store and look for button thread. It's heavy duty and it was recommended to me! Pick any color you'd like! Style it up.

6) Leather Thimble (AC Moore Link) - Really, any thimble will do. I used something like this (bought at AC Moore, but can't find a link to it on their site). I think the leather (or coin) thimbles are a little easier to work with. They help protect your finger from getting hurt!

7) Pliers - This will help pull the needle through some tough-to-push-through parts of the material.

8) Box Cutter - To cut through the shoe like butter.

9) Scissors - To have a little more control when cutting through the shoe.

10) Rotary Hole Punch (AC Moore Link) - Remember that part about the pliers? This is for those parts that really suck to push a needle through.

11) Paper towels - You'll need them when you clean the shoes with the Kiwi Cleaner.

12) A pen or pencil - It'll be very helpful in measuring and cutting.

Optional Materials (depending on the circumstances):
    a) Fabric - If you want to line the inside of the shoe because putting your hand in a shoe creeps ya out. I thought I would use fabric to do this, but I liked the aesthetic without it.
    b) Tape - It's always good to have around. It may be useful to tape the ends of the shoelaces if you trim them at the end. It'll keep them from fraying.

    c) Needle Holder  - Anything to stick the needle in while you're not using it will prevent losing the needle. I lost my needle several times because I kept failing to use the needle holder.

    d) A series of TV shows or movies you've been trying to find time to watch - Some parts take a while to sew. Be entertained while you do it!

That's so creavtive!
Thanks ReapWhatYouSew! Really appreciate it. :)
This is just crazy cool! Awesome idea! &nbsp;Since this is your first Instructable, you should mention it on the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Rewards-for-New-Authors/">Rewards for New Authors</a> page!
Thanks for the feedback, Penolopy! <br> <br>I have already mentioned it on the page. :) <br> <br>Thanks! <br>Bryan
What a great idea!! Very innovative! Good job :)
Thanks Steph! Really appreciate it! :) <br> <br>BP
Maybe a little weird, but a fun project and story. Nice work! (..and way to commit to cookies in the early hours just to try your project out!)
Thanks Mikeasaurus!

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