Picture of Kid Craft – Kids Pocket Apron
This is another very easy quick project to make for our little kitchen helpers. Most kids love to help out in the kitchen, especially when it is cookie baking time.

This apron is very cute and useful for our future cooks and bakers with a potholder pocket added that has a loop to keep a wooden spoon handy and by placing their hand under the apron the potholder can be used for moving a warm pan from the table to the sink for washing.
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
You will need:

A Large dishtowel
1 package of Wide Double Fold Bias Tape
A Pot Holder
Straight Pins
Tape Measure
Sewing Machine

Step 2: Gather The Top Edge

Picture of Gather The Top Edge
Run a double line basting stitch1/4 inch wide across the long side of the dishtowel leaving long threads off of each end to work with. Be sure to start in far enough so a s not to catch the thicker side edges in the basting stitches.

Use a zipper foot to get as close to the upper finished edge as possible.

On one end of the towel insert a straight pin and wrap the threads in a figure eight around the parts of the pin that stick out. From the other end pick up and gently pull the top basting threads so they dont break, sliding and bunching the fabric toward the pinned end.

Continue gathering fabric until the top width is 12 inches. Adjust and distribute the gathers evenly then stitch across the gathering to secure it in place. Remove basting stitches.
hsmomof25 years ago
This is so cute and creative. I am always looking for craft ideas to do with my kids. I have several friends that I can show this to.
Shaunee725 years ago
This apron looks very nice. it is great that you help kids to make these.
deblojo135 years ago
This is really unique too Deb!! Love it!
DaveLH5 years ago
So adorable, I can't hardly wait to see what you come up with next.
DebH57 (author)  DaveLH5 years ago
Thanks I have a few things I am working on
Donaldhrtc5 years ago
Adorable I bet the kids are crazy about you
DebH57 (author)  Donaldhrtc5 years ago
Thanks Donald
HeidiR5 years ago
How do you get the kids interested? Are you a teacher?
DebH57 (author)  HeidiR5 years ago
No just a caring friend who gives them some time
JohnMac6 years ago
Good job Deb, looks very easy.
DebH57 (author)  JohnMac5 years ago
It is easy. Thanks for commenting JohnMac
bethmez6 years ago
This is just adorable. Have to make one for grandaughter
DebH57 (author)  bethmez6 years ago
Thanks Beth, Im sure she will enjoy it.
Aw man I was going to enter this. Well you got to it first.
DebH57 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker6 years ago
Hey GMTA SafeCracker but you can still enter yours, some friendly competition is always fun. Give it a shot.
Well thanks. It's not done but I might still try.
DebH57 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker6 years ago
Lets get busy, I'm feeling mighty lonley over there.
I have other things I'm working on now but I'll try to get to it.
cool :0)
DebH57 (author)  porcupinemamma6 years ago
Thanks so much Lynn!
jeff-o6 years ago
Wow Deb, had a few Instructables up your home-made sleeve? ;)
DebH57 (author)  jeff-o6 years ago
LOL Jeff-o I was more than ready for this one. When it comes to kids and crafts I'm in there and still have a few tricks tucked up my home made sleeve.
depotdevoid6 years ago
Nice one Deb, my daughter would probably really enjoy something like this.
DebH57 (author)  depotdevoid6 years ago
It's a very easy one to do Depot I dont know how old she is but you could probably do it together.