Step 3: Add the Apron Ties

Measure out about 18 - 24 inches of bias tape for apron ties and waist band (depending on the size of the child who will be wearing the apron) and begin pinning the bias tape onto the towel by opening the tape and laying the top edge along the fold line then folding the top layer of the bias tape down and pinning it in place.

Continue pinning across to the end of the towel, measure another 18 - 24 inches of bias tape for the apron tie.

If the finished edge of the towel is too bulky you can carefully trim it away avoiding the stitch line.
This is so cute and creative. I am always looking for craft ideas to do with my kids. I have several friends that I can show this to.
This apron looks very nice. it is great that you help kids to make these.
This is really unique too Deb!! Love it!
So adorable, I can't hardly wait to see what you come up with next.
Thanks I have a few things I am working on
Adorable I bet the kids are crazy about you
Thanks Donald
How do you get the kids interested? Are you a teacher?
No just a caring friend who gives them some time
Good job Deb, looks very easy.
It is easy. Thanks for commenting JohnMac
This is just adorable. Have to make one for grandaughter
Thanks Beth, Im sure she will enjoy it.
Aw man I was going to enter this. Well you got to it first.
Hey GMTA SafeCracker but you can still enter yours, some friendly competition is always fun. Give it a shot.
Well thanks. It's not done but I might still try.
Lets get busy, I'm feeling mighty lonley over there.
I have other things I'm working on now but I'll try to get to it.
cool :0)
Thanks so much Lynn!
Wow Deb, had a few Instructables up your home-made sleeve? ;)
LOL Jeff-o I was more than ready for this one. When it comes to kids and crafts I'm in there and still have a few tricks tucked up my home made sleeve.
Nice one Deb, my daughter would probably really enjoy something like this.
It's a very easy one to do Depot I dont know how old she is but you could probably do it together.

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