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Introduction: Kid Craft – the Wonder Mitten

This is a super fast and easy Kid Craft, The Wonder Mitten. Made from micro fiber cloth it is both durable, multi functional and kids love them. Because microfiber cloth is super soft and lint free it can be used for just about anything gentle enough to be a kids wash cloth and can do chores like dusting, washing dishes, etc, in a snap..

They clean and dry streak and scratch free and make great eyeglass cloths, TV and PC Screen Dusters, polish mirrors and chrome to a high shine. The best part is they are washable and reusable. Micro Fiber Cloths are tough, durable and long lasting which makes them frugal in the long run and they trap dust so cleaning time is cut in half..

The pattern here is for a kid sized Wonder Mitten, simply enlarge the picture including the white area to fit an 11 x 8 1/2 inch piece of paper and transfer onto card stock for tracing right on the cloth. Make it bigger to fit an adult hand.

Step 1: Materials

To Make the Wonder Mitten plus 2 Eyeglass Cloths you will need:

1 - 16 x 16 Micro Fiber Cloth (I picked up a package of 36 at Costco for about $16)
Straight Pins
Pattern (Below)
Sewing Machine or Serger

Step 2: Fold and Cut

Fold Cloth in half lengthwise.

Place pattern piece at the bottom finished edge of the cloth. Trace with a Sharpie or similar fine tip marker.

I wanted a little longer sleeve so I moved my pattern up about 1.5 inches and cut up to the outline.

Pin around the inside of the outline and cut out.

Cut outline, take the remaining piece of cloth and cut in half for eyeglass cleaners.

On the raw cut edges run a blanket stitch or serge. Your eyeglass cleaners are done.

Step 3:

Starting at the bottom edge run a 1/4 inch stitch all the way around. When you reach the inside of the thumb stitch to the center point. With the needle in the cloth lift the needle adjuster, turn and align for the direction you need to go, drop the needle adjuster and continue stitching to the opposite edge.

Clip the cloth inside the thumb close to the stitching being careful not to cut the stitches.
Starting inside the clipped area run a blanket stitch from the larger area around to the wrist opening.

Remove from machine and beginning at the wrist opening on the other side run a blanket stitch up and around the thumb area.

Step 4: Finished Project

Your Wonder Mitten and Eyeglass Cleaners are done.

If so desired a piece of elastic can be added to the bottom edge.



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    My wife and daughter are both working on one of these it looks very practical and useful.

    Good to hear, how old is your daughter?

    Looks very practical, are they washable?

    Yes they wash up really great Donald

    I could use one of these. Thanks

    You will love them Heidi

    Thanks JohnMac

    What a nice idea - anything to help lose those fingerprints