Introduction: Kid Craft - Baby Doll Quilt and Pillow Set

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This is a very simple and easy to do craft for all ages that will delight any little girl.

For an added surprise you can make an additional reversable matching quilt for the child as well.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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You will need:

Two Coordinating pieces of fabric cut 18 x 23 inches
1 piece of quilt batting or heavy felt cut 16 x 21 inches.
1 of the above fabrics cut 12 x 9 inches
1 plain piece of material cut 10 x 8 inches
Scraps of batting or stuffing (for pillow)
Matching Thread
Straight Pins

Cutting Mat
Rotary Cutter

Step 2: Prepare the Batting

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Cut all pieces above.
Lay one piece of 18 x 23 fabric face down on table.
Place and center the batting or felt piece on top.
Run a long basting stitch down both of the long sides of the batting or felt.

Step 3:

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Lay the batted piece on the table with the batting or felt down. Right side of fabric should be facing up.

Lay the other piece of fabric on top with right sides together.

Pin all around the outside edges.

Starting off center at the bottom stitch on a 5/8 inch line all the way around leaving an opening in the bottom large enough you can slip your hand and forearm in for turning the quilt inside out.

Step 4: Making the Corner

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To make a nice corner stitch the length of your fabric.. When you get close to the end, make sure the needle is in the fabric to hold it in place.

Lift the needle adjustment, turn your fabric making sure it is on the 5/8ths line, turn your fabric and continue to sew the nest side.

Trim fabric at an angle on each corner being careful not to cut the stitching.

Trim away excess fabric within 1/4 inch of he seam line.

Slide your arm inside the opening and pull your quilt right side out. Take a straight pin and 'pick out' the corner out to shape it square. Use this method for all corners.

Step 5: Finishing the Quit

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Stitch around the outside edge on the 1/4 inch and again on the 3/4 inch to secure the batting or felt in place and close the opening. Fold your quilt over dividing it into 3 equal sections.

In the folded edge mark or pin two spots at equal intervals for tying off your quilt, flip the fabric over and repeat for the other folded side.

If this is for a very small child for safety concerns rather than tie the spots use the button setting on your machine and stitch back and forth several times to secure the inner portions of your batting or felt. Tie all loose ends on both sides and cut thread close to the stitching. Set the quilt aside.

*Note to make a matching quilt for a child cut your fabrics to make two 70 x 90 inch panels. Most fabric is 45 inches wide so you will need to seam two pieces together in the center for each panel. Cut your batting to 68 x 88. To mark for tying off - starting from the short side fold your fabric from both ends to the center then fold it backward so the ends are on top and bottom and the center fold is in the middle. Mark 4 times across each folded section and follow the directions above.

Step 6: Make the Pillow

Picture of Make the Pillow

Take the 8 x 10 piece of plain fabric fold in half and stitch two sides.

Fold a piece of scrap batting or felt to fit or stuff the pillow.

Fold the open end in and stitch closed.

Step 7: Make the Pillowcase

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Take the 12 x 9 piece of fabric. Fold and press1/4 inch from the right side to the wrong side.

Fold and press the same 1/4 inch down again.

With right sides together stitch the top folded line then the two sides leaving the top open.

Insert the pillow into the pillow case.

Your baby doll quilt and pillow set are ready to be gift wrapped and given!


hsmomof2 (author)2009-09-17

This is so sweet and a such a nice idea for kids to make something.

deblojo13 (author)2009-09-06

Terrific Deb! How my daughter would love this for her baby dolls!

tcharmed1247 (author)2009-09-02


DaveLH (author)2009-08-16

My daughter is trying some of your Instructables, she just loves your ideas. Thanks

DebH57 (author)DaveLH2009-08-16

Nice to know let me know how things turn out

Donaldhrtc (author)2009-08-13

Your really creative Deb.

DebH57 (author)Donaldhrtc2009-08-14

Thanks Donald

HeidiR (author)2009-08-13

Very nice thanks for all the great ideas

DebH57 (author)HeidiR2009-08-14

Thanks for commenting Heidi

JohnMac (author)2009-08-07

All little girls would like this one.

DebH57 (author)JohnMac2009-08-10

This particular set is on its way to a pal in Austrailia.

bethmez (author)2009-08-06

This is great. I really like the idea of the matching quilt for the child.

DebH57 (author)bethmez2009-08-06

They are so super simple to make Beth and kids just love matching things.

Creativeman (author)2009-08-05

Awesome Deb! Cman

DebH57 (author)Creativeman2009-08-05

Thanks CMan!

depotdevoid (author)2009-08-05

Cool Deb, I wish you'd posted this a couple of years ago when my daughter was really into her baby doll!

DebH57 (author)depotdevoid2009-08-05

I have a lot of little girls who enjoy this one, it always makes the perfect gift for them. You could do the larger version for her Depot and she will have one for herself that she will always cherish.

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